Bossier City/Shreveport


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Does anyone know if there are any double deck games in Bossier City/Shreveport casinos? And if so, what are the minimums during the week. I know that Sam's Town and El Dorado only have 6 deck shoe games


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Binion's used to have single deck, but haven't been there in a while.

Edit: Shreveport & $25 min, opps see you are looking for DD.


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Diamond Jacks has DD as does Horseshoe, but it is pitch.
DJ's is DOA, DAS, Split Aces get 1 card,S17, no Surr., $10 min.
Pen. is wildly variable. Better during the day, and variable as to dealer.
Pen. can be 50% up to 70% 9 (+,-).
Horseshoe is 50%, no exeptions, H17, DOA,DAS, usually $25 min.
Check out Sams 6 deck, w/ 65%-75% pen AND late surr.


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Thanx for the info! I'm going to be in Shreveport sometime this month. Sam's I knew about, and I've found pen there to be sometimes as much as 80%, I guess it's really dealer dependent. DJ's sounds like a good game and I'll try it.


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Flash1296, I 've only gotten warmth at Diamond Jacks DD.
'Course I'm a red chipper, w/ 1-5 spread at $5.00 or $10.00 table mins.
Will say that Diamond Jacks is the crappiest low rent place in Shreveport....but you can still play SOME decent DD, depending on time of day and dealer.


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Anybody checked out the Horseshoe? Haven't been there for three years. Nice place but I remember getting wiped out on a huge losing streak.