Busted flush: Las Vegas on a losing streak

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    Four years ago Las Vegas was the fastest-growing city in the US. Now it's America’s foreclosure capital.

    Busted flush: Las Vegas on a losing streak

    The distinctive sign of the Sahara hotel is dwarfed by the shining blue Fontainebleau,
    a $2.9 billion hotel and casino development that went bankrupt in 2009 Photo: Jane Hilton

    By Mick Brown / UK Telegraph / 15 Oct 2011

    Sitting in the poolside restaurant at the Trump International hotel in Las Vegas, my eye was taken by a saying by the inimitable 'Donald’ etched into a floor-to-ceiling mirror: 'As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.’

    Opened in 2008, the Trump International stands back from Las Vegas Boulevard, the main thoroughfare known as the Strip. With its 1,250 rooms and 50 penthouse suites on 64 storeys, the Trump is far from being the largest of the steroid-pumped hotel resorts along the Strip – it does not even boast a casino – and yet, standing in its perfect isolation, its windows clad in 24ct gold, it resembles nothing so much as a huge shimmering tombstone, a metaphor for the near-death experience that Las Vegas, where 'thinking big’ is what they do, has gone through in recent years.

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