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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by Coyote, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    I would like to share a few observations and experiences from Caesars Windsor.

    The 8 deck game is atrocious! H17, RSA, DOA, NS, $15 minimum. You better have a monster bankroll and a lot of patients for this game! The high limit room is 6 decks, S17, RSA, DOA, NS, $100 minimum. There are better games to be had elsewhere!

    There are still plenty of carnival games. If you have a keen eye and some skillz you may find a few opportunities.

    The hotel rooms are getting dated and they are not always the cleanest. That being said, it is still hard to beat the view of the Detroit Skyline across the river at night.

    My wife and I ate at the Artist Café where the food was very good but the service was less than standard. Skip Nero’s for fine dining. There are some better restaurants around town.

    In spite of the horrible game conditions, this casino is absolutely packed on the weekends and evenings. Ploppies are breeding in mass it seems. Windsor still has plenty of young eye-candy for both sexes. I can hardly believe the way some of those girls dress during the summer! WOW!

    I have determined that I do not have the requisite bankroll nor the patience for their 8 deck game. I may still visit Caesars Windsor from time to time in order to hustle some comps. If you go, I wish you the best of variance and a lot of luck!

  2. Coyote

    Thank you for the fine report.

    The action one might go there for will not be found on the tables,,,and you confirmed that:cool::):grin::laugh:

    When you coming my way again?

  3. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    Probably next month CP! Can't wait!
  4. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    Forgot about Pen.

    Penetration on the 8 deck is dealer dependent. I saw anywhere from 3 decks cut off, to 1.5 decks cut off. Mostly it was 2.5 decks. :(
  5. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    I like the rooms! What "level" of room was it? The Luxury and Premium rooms with a view of Detroit are excellent!
  6. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    This last one was a not so "deluxe room". The worst was a luxury suit with stains on the curtians, socks under the couch and cereal in the corner! :eek:

    I did stay in a junior suite that was outstanding, but that was two years ago.
  7. Most Interesting Man

    Most Interesting Man Well-Known Member

    Is looking at Detroit a good view? I've heard many things about it but not that.
  8. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    Honestly the view from the two Caesars towers looking across the river at the Detroit Skyline is spectacular at night! Also, you can have drinks at the appropriately named Vu Bar and enjoy the sceenery. The skyline isn't bad there either! ;)
  9. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Great place to view Detroit, especially at NIGHT!! The things you've heard about Detroit are most likely true but you'd only notice them from within Detroit and in the daytime. Can be scary at night but I think you get my drift.
  10. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    Detroit's waterfront with the RenCen at night is very cool looking.
  11. PonyPrincess

    PonyPrincess Active Member

    It doesn't matter how bad the 8D game is (it really is terrible) if you win enough you WILL get backed off, don't ask me how I know.
  12. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    Really? At Windsor? Can't wrap my brain around that one! :laugh:

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