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  1. WABJ11

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    So I know Vegas casinos have the right to kick you out since its private property. But the law in AC is they can't boot you out.

    I was taken aside and told I wouldn't be allowed to play on a double deck game in WA at a casino which I will not name. I had been playing at this place since Aug. and I'm surprised they didn't ask me to leave sooner since I'd spread like $10-$300 and betting LL when the count called for it.

    Anyway what is the law in WA regarding this? Does the casino have the right to kick me off the game or should I call the Gaming Commission?
  2. StandardDeviant

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    Try using Google to look up the answer to this. I found the gambling law, but I didn't read all the way through it. However, I did notice that turkey shoots are legal. Given that, it's a wonder there are any politicians alive in the state...
  3. Wab

    And you are surprised you received a barring...get real man.

  4. miplet

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    From (Dead link: _WSGC April 2007 Meeting _ although I don't know where this court ruling is.
    From (Dead link: _Dec 2008 Focus on Gambling_
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    help/no help

    Why are you reluctant to identify a casino that has already backed you off? Don't want to alert other players???
    Although there are some different legal standards for card rooms and for Native American casinos in WA, you can be backed off from games in either.
  6. Lonesome Gambler

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    It's shocking that you got away with that spread on a DD game for so long, but assuming you haven't been barred, just wait a few months and go back on a different shift. Unless it's the worst DD game in the world, a place that will tolerate that kind of play for so long is valuable, and you should maybe tone it down a bit and try and increase your longevity there next time.
  7. Deathclutch

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    I don't want to hear anything about spreads from you!! :whip:
  8. Lonesome Gambler

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    Touché. But still, you can't play like that at your local place. I did have a blast spreading 1:30 on DD at a downtown joint with a sweaty rep while having a chat with the boss. An old school guy, very classy. However, I didn't want to rub their faces in it, and I kept my session under an hour. I couldn't imagine getting away with a spread like that for much longer, or for many more trips during that shift.
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    uh oh! The Pot is calling the Kettle Black! :laugh::laugh: (Right DC?)
  10. Blue Efficacy

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    He said he was surprised he didn't get barred sooner.
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