Card Counting the "7"


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I am noting Thorp does not count the 7, but Vancura and Fuchs advocate it as "+1". Thorp mathematically indicate the 7 as a 2.05% advantage if the 7's are not used. Is this percentage statistically important, and am I correlating the 7 correctly as that advantage?


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Each counting system simplifies the exact effect of removal to some extent, and the value of the 7 is one of the most common spots where that is visible.

Removing a seven is roughly equivalent to removing a two in the effect on the player's advantage.

Does that mean that systems that don't count the 7 are inferior to those that do? Not necessarily. Choosing a counting system should balance accuracy and ease of use.
The 7 is the single most "bi-valuate" card for playing hands - it is a marginal big card that will bust some stiffs and an excellent small card that will complete other stiffs. This is why some few counters keep a side-count of 7s for hand-held games. BUT NO, don't worry about counting the 7 in your primary count. zg