Cashing Out Under The Radar

I just wanted to get a sense (particular for the PA stores), by store, of what level of cashing out keeps you under the radar. For example, about two years ago, at the desert off I-78, I cashed out around $2K, despite being down, and I felt a long hard stare from a security person as though he were trying to burn my face into his memory. Lesson learned - keep my cash outs under $1K there. I am curious as to what others have experienced. I imagine thresholds are higher in and around metro area venues such as Philly, Pitt, Baltimore or AC than those in suburban / remote areas, but would like to tap the knowledge base here to see what might flag you.
Whenever possible, I get someone else to cash my chips. This is effective as I can check the amount the casino believes I am up or down. Good policy is that the less the casino knows about you the better.