by Ken Uston | Atari News 1982
Ken Uston is author of the 60 Minute Guide to computers series and the best-selling How to Beat PacMan. He is a world-renowned blackjack player, having successfully assured through a court case the right of "card counters" to play in Atlantic City casinos.

Gamblers have a natural affinity for computers, and with good reason. Computers create order out of the seeming randomness of the universe. In fact, computers led to the knowledge that the game of blackjack could be beaten.

In the late 1950s a group of scientists analyzed the rules of blackjack as established by the Nevada casinos. Through computer algorithms, they uncovered the astounding fact that blackjack, unlike craps, roulette or slot machines, could be mastered if the proper mathematical principles were applied. This was due to the finding that the odds change back and forth between the player and the house in relation to changes in the content of the deck(s).

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Without letting me know, my soon-to-be-ex-wife slipped my Atari 800 into the trash.

So, instead of it going on ebay, it went to landfill. Following, by some decades, my set of Brooklyn Dodgers cards, complete with team card, for 1953 thru 1957 (may Walter O'Malley roast in hell), my Captain Video helmet, and my Roy Rodgers dinnerware.