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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by capone1, May 17, 2010.

  1. capone1

    capone1 Member

    Anyone been? Opened last week? Curious to see what it's like as I am an ex NB resident.
  2. halcyon1234

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    I'm on my honeymoon, off to Cape Breton. We stopped in to check out the casino.

    First, it's tiny. The Heron is bigger. The slots+table+poker space is the same size as just the heron's table space.

    There were 3 BJ tables open, all shoe dealt. I didn't see any CSM. It looked to be 8 decks, 2 decks cut off. $5/$200 and $10/$200 (it might have been $500?).

    All the usual Canada crap rules. Hit soft 17.

    The good news is the dealers are very sloppy. I saw one flash about 4 cards during the cut. Take advantage of the training period while you can.

    Poker has maybe a dozen tables. $1/$2 NLHE, with a $2/$5 added during the weekends.

    We stopped in Friday afternoon, around 3:30pm, and the place was pretty dead. There were maybe a dozen BJ players, a handful of slot players, and about a table-and-a-half of poker players.

    We dropped $10 on roulette playing 7 and 17 (July 17th). No luck. Walked out with a $1 chip for a souvenir.
  3. capone1

    capone1 Member

    I went to Casino NB yesterday atually and here's what I got:

    6 decks - shoe dealt
    Hit Soft 17
    Table mins 5-100, 10-200, 25-500, high limit room offers 50-1000
    Lucky side game..which is worth a look because the game is shoe dealt
    Cut a deck off, so 83% pen approx
    No re-splitting aces

    Now, here's where things get wacky with the rules...

    This is the only casino to my knowledge in Canada that offers surrender (at least east of Quebec).

    The dealer DOES NOT check for BJ (when an ace or paint card shows) until AFTER the action, because there's no peek hole. I have never seen a casino do is annoying IMO; however, if dealer has blackjack, they only take your original bet if you have split/double down on the go which is not too bad.

    In short, the game is pretty good in comparison to others I have played in. I think I will stop going to Casino NS now that this is up (Casino NS has probably the worst set of rules I have ever seen).

    As for the casino itself, it's location is not the best, outside of downtown Moncton off the highway, the hotel seemed big and was very felt compacted, but a far cry from the spaced out Halifax casino.

    It's deffo worth a drive if youre in the Halifax area. They also offer a craps table too.
  4. capone1

    capone1 Member


    Bad news guys, Casino NB has all CSMs for their BJ tables.
  5. liQuid03x

    liQuid03x New Member

    Casino NB offers three types of BJ tables.

    During the day, you can play CSM's at 5 and 10$ tables.

    You can also play 10$ tables with automatic shufflers and NOT CSMs. Six decks.

    On the weekends, they open a second pit where they have manual shuffling of six decks for one shoe, no automatic shufflers. They ranged from 15-25$ tables.
  6. Meistro

    Meistro Well-Known Member

    great pen, weak spread (1u-20u), ls offered, hide rule employed, very few tables

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