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  1. dasenbrj

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    I am fairly new at counting, just starting to actually go to the Casino and count. I use REKO, with a 1-12 unit spread, starting at -4 and 12x bet unit at +8. and right now I am using $5 units. The casino I live near is a small state run one, that only has a about five tables running on a busy night. I just feel like I am attracting a lot of attention! The personnel check my ID at the door, I feel like they stand behind my table more than others, and when leaving I usually get a "Thanks for playing," or something similar. Sometimes they make mention of how much I made or lost in some offhand way. Is the heat on friends?! :flame: It would suck to get banned.

    Last night I ended up losing a bit at first, then started 'wonging' around the tables at got back to even then some. :cool2: Is this a bad idea for a small Casino?
  2. shadroch

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    Wonging in a small casino that you play in on a regular basis is a berry berry bad idea.
  3. tthree

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    Listen to shad you don't want them to be squeezing your berries.

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