Casino Queen, E. St. Louis "follow-home" robbery


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A man said to have won $17,500 at this casino's blackjack tables was followed home, shot, and robbed. He is suing the casino.
"Winner Claims Casino Lets Stalkers Lurk" by Joe Harris is at


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I read this and it is very interesting. I am always careful to watch people following me to my car, but never thought that they may follow me home! :eek:


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Dangerous Area

Glad you enjoyed it. The area is dangerous. I sometimes take the Metrolink train at the casino and there is no security at the station.

If you're a black chip player, be careful.
Not the first time it's happened

Always be careful, always be careful of your surroundings. For every 10 people there are gambling in the casinos, there's one roaming about looking for crimes of opportunity even if it takes a little work! I talked about this before in which I observed people (in AC) watching the activities, the cage, the tables, etc. and obviously up to no good. I was within earshot to hear conversation into a cellphone in which observations of a casino patron were being rattled off to someone else. They were observing someone at the cashier's cage from a distance that they apparently had been "tailing" and rattling off a description and estimated cash on them to the party on the other end. Now I am not fluent in "ebonics" but the one side of the conversation I was overhearing sounded something like, "Homeboy RICH! Mofo be's bein' up a da window an shi' ri now. He wearin brown jacket he alone----NO I don beez knowin whe he goin bu Iz all in it an shi. Mo fo shi, etc., etc." I'm not sure of the exact translation and I'm not sure if I transcribed it correctly but I think he MIGHT have been up to no good. I DID mention about this to a security guard and they were very non-chalant about it saying, "We can't stop people from hanging around and can't do much of anything until they actually do something illegal."

This was in a boardwalk casino owned by Harrah's by the way. The guy in question on the cellphone is a regular fixture around the boardwalk casinos also. There are organized gangs of people that stay in touch via cellphone that are up to no good. The casinos can do little about these types loitering about until they actually do something illegal but by then it's too late... just ask that guy that got robbed, carjacked and murdered in the Taj Mahal parking lot a few months back! OOps! Sorry... you can't... he's dead.

Be careful out there, watch yourself, be aware of your surroundings.
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I feel ashamed saying this but I have a friend who constantly says "ooh, damn we should rob that guy on the way out". If you were to hear him say it you'd think he's serious but as a friend of over a decade I can only understand he's joking.. Sadly, there are people who really are serious, and this sort of thing happens.

Cherish your 2nd Amendment right and if you're not on Indian Reservation property keep that gun in your car and defend yourself when you need to.


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Not all that surprising

I was at the CQ on three occasions last week. For those of you have not been there, this is not a casino that should attract high rollers. There is no high limit room. It is one big open room. There is a single $100 min table at the center of the room. I only saw someone playing there once. I was stopped in my tracks because a guy was pushing out stacks of black chips 8-10" tall. After a few seconds I noticed someone looking over my shoulder. I turned and looked and it was a casino security guard. Because the guards there are anything but intimidating, I struck up a conversation. The guard said she was there to keep people like me from watching this guy play because it makes him nervous. She said he was a regular. When I said I bet they welcomed him with open arms, she said they do, but it looked like he was beating the house tonight. I did not notice any purple or orange chips. Heck this place may not have any! Seems to me if you really want to play at this level, you should find a place to do it with a little privacy. The BJ games at CQ are not all that attractive anyway. I am not saying he was asking for it, but I am sure there are many people that know that he goes there and plays for big chips and I am equally sure there are very few there who do play at that level. Might as well have a big red "X" on him.


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First of all, I hope the perpetrators of this crime suffer very slow excruciatingly painful unspeakable acts bringing them close to - but stopping short of death - as then the pain would cease.

Having said that, whenever I enter or exit a casino, I act like I EXPECT to get robbed any second. It would be almost impossible for me to be followed home without me eventually catching on that I was being followed. I am constantly on the lookout when exiting the casino and consistently check the rearview mirror on the way home.

Perhaps I'm overly paranoid but I'll live longer.

Nothing to do if they broke into your car or get you while you're entering your car. But, if you allow yourself to be followed home you have no one to blame but yourself.
I was cashing out at the cage for just over 12k I think it was and this guy followed me there from the tables despite my asking him to leave twice. So I asked the cashier to call security. They came and held him there while they escorted me to my car. Aside from feeling pretty safe, I felt kinda important too, haha.

At least there are options.