Casino Woodbine (Toronto) BJ Conditions Report - What a dump!

I was in Toronto for a conference this is what I have discovered:

Low Limits ($25 min, $50 min. Max Bet, can't remember, maybe $2,000)
CSM H17, Split any Two cards, Double after Split, one card after splitting aces.
Quite busy, dealers are slow'ish.

High Limits ($200 min, $5000 Max)
Shoe dealt, auto shuffle machine, 6 decks.
Hit soft 17, Split any two cards, double after split, one card after splitting aces.
Dealers can be slow.

General comments:
This casino is a complete dump and is a total disappointment considering this is Canada's largest city.
The walls are unpainted, and the ceiling height is low (like 8ft high).
Lighting reminds me of office building lighting (bright white LED fluorescent substitutes).
There is zero fun atmosphere, and the dealers have very little personality to encourage fun play.

My recommendation is to stay away from this place!