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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by Elhombre, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Went to Cyprus again over the weekend, it was a short getaway trip, so I didn’t play much. Some updates below:

    Played only at Mercure, where the minimum was $10, nice place and very cool casino, pretty packed too. I lost a couple hundred there and requested loss rebate, but no loss rebate for under $1000 loss/day. Didn’t ask how many % they pay out, but should be between 10-20%.

    Rules were 6D, S17, DAS, DOA, ES10, ENHC, no RSA. Pen was around 60%. Hand shuffle took way too much time as the table was full and they burn 5 cards off the top, while giving low pen. So, it’s a pain to play on a full table.

    Below are some updates on minimums I saw around. Didn’t play at these places:

    Merit Crystal Cove: $15
    Cratos Premium: $25
    Rocks: $25
    Oscar Resort: $10

    Also, Cratos had a secluded room (looks like a high-roller room, but it’s not), dedicated to some machines made by a company called “Inorganic”. There was roulette, blackjack, horse racing etc, all community type machines. Played some blackjack there for fun, minimum was 5TL ($3). Checked out the paytables but couldn’t find out if they shuffled the deck each time or not. But just like the blackjack machines in Vegas, you never see a shuffling act, so even if it’s not shuffling after each hand, you don’t know “when” it is shuffling. Also, max bet on these machines was 20TL, so it doesn’t matter much even if you can count :)
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    rocks has 15$ games weekdays,
    i never went to mercure, but mercure, and merit crystal lefkosa and merit crystal girne belong to the same company and i hear that both hotels and casinos are excellent. also oscar resort is the name of the hotel, the casino is called galaxy casino, they have double again rule as an advantage compared to mercure.
    still i would chose to play at a casino with extra advantages, like resplitting aces or double again rule.
  3. snowwind

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    Thx for the information.
    I want to ask that in the only one ESA casino in Cyprus,can we get odds under basic strategy?
    And bernmasd do u have email?
    Good luck.

  4. bernmasd

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    early surrender

    early surrender and resplit of aces
    in malpas casino
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    Thx for the information.
    I have some good place information in other country.
    Because I can't PM you in this forum,if u have email,I can mail you the good place I know :)

  6. jnrwilliam

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    u get edge 0.18% for ESA & resplit Aces.
    the casinos offer re-double is also worth to play.
    will u go Cyprus?
  7. snowwind

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    Yeah,I have the plan visiting Cyprus :)
    I'll finish a gambling trip and back to Taiwan(my country) tomorrow.
    I may take some days to plan going to Cyprus for next gambling trip :)
    But I still have some questions:

    1.Do we need to declare money(checks) if we bring more money out Nothern Cyprus or Turkey than we bring in?

    2.How much money do we live in hotels per night?

    3.Is it cheaper if we rent an apartment one month?And how much is the price?

    Sorry for my bad English grammar haha.
    Hope u understand what I said XD.

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    can contact u by email ?
    mine is
  9. snowwind

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  10. bernmasd

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    guys my email is
    erdener15 at
    of course it would be cheaper to rent a house in the long run, but hotels are not that expensive. if you bet quite big most casinos will comp you a room.
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  12. wwcd

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    By the way, Savoy Hotel (downtown Kyrenia) also has $10 blackjack and redouble rule. They have loss rebate for losses above $500, and I think the rebate is 10%.
  13. curt1s

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    short update

    i have just came back from cyprus again...
    i had a look at a few places i missed last year...
    - artemis (close to famagusta)
    - salamis (close to famagusta)
    - kratos
    - euro
    - savoy
    - ceasers
    - zeus
    - european
    - palm beach (famagusta) connected with colony
    - noah's ark (min 25$-50$) (next to artemis)

    most of them min 10-15$ during monday-thursday, 25$ during friday-sunday

    for accommodation u can rent out a big villa for 4-500/month if u dont want to spend ur hard earn money in 5* hotels.
    can rent a car for 20-30/day

    all the best

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