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I'm having trouble finding the precise google terms to discover the checkout procedures of any of the major teams from the last thirty years -- MIT, the Holy Rollers, whoever. I feel like I'm keeping a reasonably good count, but I want to ensure I'm actually doing this correctly/profitably.

My main workout is just counting down a double deck while dealing and making proper payouts plus basic strategy assistance to family/friends to around 25% remaining and confirming I've got the right count. I'm probably 5/6 spot on and the other one I'm one off. I'm also using Michael Shackleford's free simulator for right now, although I've been considering upgrading to CV at some point.

Would anyone on here meet up with me for a beer and a checkout sometime in either AC (or potentially Vegas, I'm coming for a week in November for a work conference). Could just be sit next to me for a short session and tell me afterwards how far off I am/whether I'd be winning if I reached the long-run. Also, any thoughts on other exercises I should be doing? Do I need to equip myself with a casino shoe and layout, or should I buy CV first?
The only team-based checkout procedure I know that is published is in Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston. He has a chapter on multiple deck play (I am assuming that is what you are playing in your region) and specific testing procedures for competency. The book is somewhat outdated but I have always liked the training methods and exercises that are in his book.

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I highly recommend that you purchase CVBJ: the program will check your counting, betting, and strategy using whatever method, schedule, and indexes you want. I believe Norm has a version for smart phones, so you can take the program with you to practice whenever you have a few spare moments.

I use CVBJ to brush up whenever I'm planning a trip to play some Sp21.

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