Cherokee casino BJ conditions


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I have been playing BJ at Cherokee casino for the last 6 years. I am in the positive overall including all the comps and free table play in chips they gave me monthly, some months were over 5k. They never gave me the boot but only once I was denied action because I was advising another player on the table and I was going to bet 3 max bets. Anyways after I won 21 straight trips they stripped all my comps away, no more Ruth Chris, free shows or rooms. I went today for a day trip from Charlotte and won $1800 in 2 hours with no heat. Cherokee BJ low limit tables below $25 are all 6 to 5 and all seats are full. They still have good penetration with 1.25 to 1.50 depending on dealers. The Double deck games rules really sucks, only double on 10 and 11, no DD on soft hands and no doubling after splits. Only had one instance where i felt heat from one ass ho Latino boss he let me have it. Cherokee is getting greedy now they got all the customers, the Craps rules have deteriorated now you pay juice upfront on buys and lays and no more Fire Bets which was a big EV. Just wait till the Catawba Indians open in 2 years in Kings Mountain on I85, I been waiting for a casino to open near Charlotte for 35 years, I use to drive 10 hours to AC, Biloxi and Tunica, I can`t wait. Cherokee BJ is still decent rules for high limit stand on all 17.
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as like you cherokee is the closest one to me. It really sucks they change all the low tables $10 and $15 to 6:5. Started to build a bankroll using the lower limits but now just saving up the bankroll to get to the higher limit table. There is one place that still has a good game which I like to go, it maybe a little bit of drive but it may be worthy it. PM me and I will give more details