Clever cover ploy # 128

Reprinted here for your enjoyment. zg

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From: zengrifter
Date: Mon Nov 22, 1999 12:52 am
Subject: Clever cover ploy...

Earlier this year when the newspapers announced
the acquisition of LV's Maxim Hotel & Casino by
Premier Interval, a timeshare developer, I decided to
capitalize on my knowledge of the principals of that
Calif-based company.

Shortly after the shift change to
graveyard, I blew in there with the persona of my snide,
inebriated act and settled in betting $10 - $40 (D10 SD),
not always with the count.

Within 15 minutes I
introduced myself as the CFO of the new company -
"in fact," I informed the 'Asst. Casino Mgr.' (Maxim for
shift boss) "I'm the guy that put the deal together to
buy this turkey from the BK trustee!"

As I answered questions about the upcoming 'changing of the
guard,' the off work private dancer playing at the table
called her gorgeous friend over and introduced me as
"the new owner!"

After the first 70-80 minutes,
I had passed muster with the pit - Dan the asst.
casino mgr. was happy to change the music selection and
adjust the volume level. By now my betting was becoming
quite aggressive - sometimes as low as $5 or as high as
2hands of $250.

I returned 2 more times on that
shift as 'the new owner' and played outrageous spreads
while guaranteeing a floorman's wife a job in sales,
agreeing to let the dance-girls open a billiard club,
informally promoting another PC to shift boss as soon as the
transfers were complete, and promoting two dealers to the

All totaled I played nearly 10 hours with outrageous
spreads at both 1D and 2D and won about $1500 (I should
have won more).

And this joint was (or still is?) the resort HQ of Griffin.

So the next time you need a good cover ploy in a small-indie
joint that's changing hands, just walk in and announce with
confidence that you are 'the new owner.' ZG


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Re: Everything "they" say about you is true, ZG >8


Dear Mr. ZG:

I have no problems screwing casino's out of money. That is what they are trying to do to me, and they lie via misleading ads and promotions so as to make me, the "recovering ploppy" think that he/she has a chance for riches.

And that is why I attend to this and several other BJ as to "screw the casino's out of some $. I intend to expand my knowledge, expand the size of my "BJ Member", and via my method, the willingness of the said casino to accept same, then...SCREW LIKE I WAS 17 AGAIN!

But Sir, PROMISING JOBS, RAISES, PROMOTIONS, and the those who most likely need them, BUT WILL NOT IN SHORT ORDER, GET THEM, is worse than most any casio promotion!

Certainly, there was a time, 20+ years ago, wherein most all BJ dealers may have been "Mechanics"...not so now...most are Single Mom's with kids, Married Dad's and Mom's with families, or even Downtown, Legal Immigrants trying to find the American Dream.

Sir, I was raised to be HONEST...but I do not mind lying to Casino Personel as regarding Losses, Wins, Luck, and the like, so as to sustain and/or improve my longevity at the Tables.

But Mr. ZG, to promise raises, promotions, and the like, is the same as offering 91% PAYBACK on SLOTS...YOU ARE A MEAN PERSON!



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Re: Everything "they" REMEMBER...

That's nice. Read my post again, and again, until it is undrstood, then take your $ of profit, and display it in front of the minimum wage crowd, and then tell me if I am right or wrong!
Re: Everything "they" REMEMBER...

Phant007 - this was table-hustle trash talk - you know like the dealers and PCs dish out to the players, but in reverse - beyond that, I don't shre your ethical distinctions - when I'm in a casino, I'm behind enemy lines. zg


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Re: Everything "they" REMEMBER...

Again, "that's nice". I certainly cannot match your skills in counting, computers, and the like, Sir.

But again, to PROMISE Big $ to those who need same, and to be unable to deliver same, when same is not POSSIBLE, is a travesity, when same is in YOUR CONTROL.

AGAIN, Your skills are superb, and Your methods are INFERIOR!


Re: Everything "they" REMEMBER...

Phantom calm down. ZG was only working on the greed of the pit crew. This is about making money and beating the system. The average casino worker is there to make money by taking your money. Believe me they will use sex, booze, psychological marketing schemes and basically lie to take your hard earned cash. The only reason ZG's BS worked is because the casinoworkers were greedily vieing for what they believed was the new owners favor.

The casino industry has its roots in greed, theft, murder etc. to wit organized crime. This gambling thing is old as crime and the people who work in it' support it' and they are just as bad. Only the names have changed from bugsy to incorporated.

I have seen them get a high roller blind ass drunk and keep him and the the table open until he lost thousands. The guy was falling off the stool. All ZG did was verbally cut an edge and win a couple of extra bucks. NO one got hurt except the pit's greed! I toast you ZENGRIFTER and your tenacity!!!! LTC

PS I dont mean to be condisending phantom but this is not a one sided moral issue.

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My "Motto"

I agree that ZG's methods were not the holiest, but then, he is a "grifter." If you don't know the definition of that word, it will give you some insight to look it up. And he certainly lives up to it.

Earlier this year I worked on my personal motivation, finally coming up with my "motto."

My personal motto is: "Extract goods, services and money from casinos by whatever legal means possible, as often as possible, and help others to do the same."


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Definition of "grift, grifted, grifting, grifts"


grift Slang


Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle.
A swindle or confidence game.

v. grifted, grifting, grifts
v. intr.
To engage in swindling or cheating.
Re: Definition of "ZEN"

Zen - A teaching that contemplation of one's essential nature to the exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving pure enlightenment.

Zen is the quest for oneness. For the enlightened man is said to be one with the law of causation, and the perceptions of Determinism on the one hand, or of freedom, choice and influence, on the other hand, are both error, presumably from uninspired failure to synthesize frames of reference (subjective choice and objective Determinism) into the correct Gestalt.

Zen is like unto the '60's. For, as the saying goes, If you remember it, then you where never there! For Zen is also the appreciation of the elusive, the cultivation of the experiential and intuitive, of immediacy, especially where definition may fail. The intellect of Zen does not seek to grasp Dialectically, but only to point, to indicate, and often seeks to fall back upon such common sense as that will be apprehensible experientially, even reliably, repeatedly and at will.

excerpted from-
Re: Definition of "ZEN"

I absolutely MUST get in on this discussion.

ZG - your story and the details of your activities during those three sessions kick ass! That is awesome.... and I would be proud to tell such a story in this forum. If you have more please share.

As for the whining going on out there, (I know I am about to be harsh - I apologize) realize where we are and whom you are. This is a forum devoted to increasing the knowledge and benefiting those who wish to practice their abilities and make some green. There is nothing dishonest about what this site is about (kudos Mayor).

But don't forget each and every one of you (myself included), casinos don't require you to enter and play. There is no commodity in a casino that we need to sustain life. So, if your attitude is "I am going to get back at the casinos for what they have done to me or society..." then you are misdirected. If it because of a wrong that the casinos perpetuated against you personally then....LEAVE! Who is the most wrong; the casinos for offering a slanted game or you for playing it? If you are crusading for the "rights" of a fair game then I gotta ask - "Who appointed you?" And if any of you achieved your quest - straightening out the casinos - what would you do next? Most would probably be board.

Whew..! ...But that's just my opinion, I might be wrong.



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Re: Definition of "ZEN"

As Cartman on South Park says..."Screw you guys".

Well, not really, unless of course, you are pretty and have large breasts and wear pink silk panties....ooops, wrong Website.

Anyhow, I will state to any who will listen(read), it is OK to do to Casino's what they do to you...cheat, lie, and steal, of course, within the confines of stated rules and Advantage Play.

BUT IT IS NOT COOL, to promise wages and promotions to those who probably need it and will not get it.


Any Casino Personel out there, current and/or former, willing to chime in on thisdiscussion, please enter now, and help me out!


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A gentle response

Dear Phantom,

I don't preach absolutes, everyone is entitled to behave how they like within the confines of "legal" when it comes to extracting $$$ from casinos.

However, if you read my essays, you will find that I write often of themes that are in the spirit of your posts. I, for one, believe in treating all people ethically and decently, and agree that giving people false hopes for their future can be devastating to their lives.

Although this is my opinion, and an opinion we share, I also recognize the rights of others to be who they are. In particular, this vocation we share attracts some very interesting characters, and I happen to like those characters (for the most part) even if I don't always agree with their methods. That is why I run this site, not only for the mission but also because I like the diversity and character of the people who are on our side.

So, while I agree with the spirit of what you are saying, I also have tolerance for ZG and his actions, though I would never do the same.

My response and acknowledgment

I DO agree in spirit and in fact with what you have reiterated - people are precious spiritual miracles, each. Humans have a short and poignant life that largely entails suffering - we suffer because we don't get what we want, we suffer because we get what we don't want, and we suffer still again because we get what we want and then we eventually lose it or we cease to want it.

I salute you for making an ethical and not entirely popular stand on this issue of people-well-being vs the corporations - infact, that spirit is a part of my family heritage - in the early turn of the century one of my great uncles, a surviving member of an infamous gang of outlaw brothers, had his prison sentence commuted by the President of that day, and he became America's first true prison-reform activist and a very eloquent speaker on the topic of "the greedy corporations and banks vs the people."

In my own case I have spoken out for years against the telecom and information monopolies and for free ownership rights in the airwaves, filed historic FOIAs, comments, briefs, appeals, on govt-agencies and in the UScourts, and even the largest joint appeal in the history of the airwaves, all for the sense of service and responsibility that I felt truly obligated to perform.

Tilting at very-real windmills can have its price, and at a time when I finally had the so-called American dream within reach I paid a high price for daring to buck the vested interests of telecom power and its grip on Washington regulatory and lawmaking processes to the detriment of "the people."

But despite the heavy repercussions that I was subjected to, I have not been hardened by the experience, but rather softened and more compassionate of people, both those I come into contact with and those who constitute the larger mass of humanity.

Thank you for pointing out the important ethical consideration of the cover ploy I shared with the group, kudos!