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  1. Alvaro

    Alvaro Member

    Hi everyone

    After a long time I could finish a first part of my own combinatorial analyzer.

    I'm pleased with it, because I could achived the same figures for STAND and DOUBLING EV's from MGP Program.

    But I'm getting different figures for hitting in soft hands, and the biggest discrepancy lays on the hand "A,A vs. A"


    Before dealer check for a Natural I get Ev(hit) = -0.338749
    And MGP Program Yields: Ev(hit) -0.3471625

    So, at first looks it seems to differ just little.

    But considering "dealer checked a non blackjack" shows that my figures are wrong.

    (Dead link: _[​IMG]_

    Uploaded with (Dead link: _ImageShack.us_

    If someone (MGP, k_c, assume, icNtrack or anyone) could just take a look at the dealer and player chances and found where the mistake is, just let me know.

    Grettings form Argentina.
  2. AC232323

    AC232323 Well-Known Member

    How many decks are you using?
  3. Alvaro

    Alvaro Member

    One Deck
  4. AC232323

    AC232323 Well-Known Member

    Do you mind positing your .x file?

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