Coronavirus and the Tampa Seminole Hard Rock Casino

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa has already closed their huge poker room, due to "social distancing" issues. But they are trying to keep the joint open with an ingenious idea. They plan to turn off every 2nd and 3rd slot machine in a row, and so maintain a distance between other players.
Example: (on, off, off, on, off, off, on, off, off, etc.)
I'm not sure if the players at table games can be thus "separated". I've heard the State of Florida may let them do this, especially since the Seminole Hard Rock is such a big payday for their state budget.

CHANGE. Just got an email from the casino. They are closing it all down, statewide. But, nice try guys,
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They could easily block every other seat, or leave 2 active per table. I'm not sure how effective that will be in preventing illness, though. I doubt the slot closures will be effective either.
I just heard from someone who is taking a super discount flight, round trip under 300 from West coast, to Bahamas Atlantis.
Does Atlantis have playable games?


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Received an email from Atlantis last week saying that they are closed. It's possible that they just meant the resort, but I dont think so.