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    I was playing BJ on a cruise ship (THIRD BASE) D had 10 up card , I had 10-6 . I hit drew another 10 busted. Dealer turns over another 10 ,pat 20. Lady jumps on me telling me I took the dealer's break card. LOL . Funny! at the same table a guy was winning ,but had no idea , splitting any pair ,hitting 16 against deale's 6 . We have seen these floppys before, but this crazy was winning ? Dealers loved him because this idiot would play $5 for dealer every single hand although his highest play was $25 & telling the rest of us to tip (like him). Alas ,soon he walks away (loser) ,dealers & pit praising & thanking him in front of other players. Sucker:joker:
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    I don't like to tip dealers till the end of my session. That way I can keep track of how much of my bankroll the dealer got for a tip. My friend was playing blackjack with me last month and he was tipping the dealer when he won. I was keeping track of how much he was tipping the dealer and told him at the end of our session how much he gave away. He won $925 and gave the dealer $230. He was very unhappy when he realize how much of his winning he give to the dealer for a tip. You need to remember as a player you didn't hire the dealer the casino did and the dealer is working for the casino and not you. This is just my personal opinion on tipping.
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    That's crazy, to give away that much of your winnings. Tip in dollar chips until the end, where you might want to give an amount commensurate with the amount of your winnings, if you are disposed to tipping. During the session, buy a small amount of dollar chips and place them on top of your standard bet. If you win, give the dealer the chip you won and let the bet chip ride. Moo321 introduced me to this form of tipping-- it lets your tipping run a lot longer than the traditional "off-to-the-side" tip bet wherein you surrender both chips (the one you won and the one you bet) to the dealer if you win. But don't overdue it. I just tip enough to grease the wheels-- make the dealer and pit comfortable with what "they" consider good and well-deserved behavior.

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