Crown surveillance video

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by AussiePlayer, Jul 24, 2011.

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    And my friends think this is what happens to you if count cards :yikes:
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    Crown Security cop too much crap for the jobs they do. The majority are very good people, who have a VERY hard job and there are so many people who simply love to agitate them.

    Security have every right to extract you from the premesis if they have any reason to believe you are behaving in a way that would interrupt patrons, if you are gambling intoxicated, cheating, or simply you are a nuisance.

    After viewing that video.... I am on the securitys side. Security will only flock when there is trouble, and it looks like the alleged AP took his sweet time removing himself from the premesis, and before the guards swamped him, he lashed out.

    When you're working in a job where you get attacked almost every night by some drunken twat.... you take every precaution to stop the provokee from doing any harm.

    Sounds like another copper trying to exercise his authority over the world...

    Treat security with respect ANYWHERE, and it will be gladly returned.
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    Do you by any chance work for Crown?
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    Ask no questions, and I tell no lies :)
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    Wow! I'm not sure how you could come to this conclusion by watching this video. With no audio, I don't think anyone can get the complete picture, but it seems curious that you are able to reach this conclusion unless you know of other information about this case that you are not sharing.

    From watching this video, I see no behavior on the part of the "suspects" that warrants them being slammed to the ground and roughed up by these rent-a-cops. There is no justification for a request to leave the casino to turn into such a physical confrontation unless these two were somehow deemed to be "dangerous" to the security guards or to other patrons.

    Maybe you frequent this casino and know something that we don't? Or maybe you are one of these "bouncers" in the video and know more of the specifics about this incident? If so please share more to enlighten us.

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