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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by Koz1984, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    Hello fellow Australians! I'm trying to gather information on the current conditions Australia wide. Yes, all of them.

    Sky City, Adelaide

    Jupiters, Gold Coast

    Star City, Sydney

    Burswood, Perth

    Treasury Casino, Brisbane

    Wrest Point, Hobart

    Casino Canberra

    Jupiters Townsville

    Launceston Country Club

    Sky City Darwin

    The Reef, Cairns

    Lasseters, Alice Springs

    I deliberately excluded Crown as I am well versed in their conditions. I'm really looking for info on current rules (I'm sure many of them have changed since I last checked, particularly the S/H17 rule), decks employed and MOST importantly, whether or not CSMs are used. If not, are shoe games easily accessible or for HL play only?

    It would be great to get a COMPREHENSIVE database of the current Australian conditions. So please, take the time to contribute should you possess the answers.

    Thank you!
  2. mwmb

    mwmb Member

    Casino Canberra

    Casino Canberra is a small one room casino. The outside walls are dirty and covered in spider webs. It is understandable if you think you have just walked into a makeshift casino in someones basement.There are no pokies there, this is one of the reasons its so poor. There 'live entertainment' was one lady with a guitar playing and singing songs..

    All tables (BJ and pontoon) are all CSM, even the high tables.

    There is an exception on Friday nights, or when it gets really busy (which hardly ever happens). They open one shoe game of BJ and one of Pontoon (min $10 max $500) The rules are the same that are on their website, BJ is 6 decks and about 1 to 1.5 cut (last time i was there anyway)
  3. Mikey_101

    Mikey_101 New Member

    Star City:

    6 decks, Dealer STANDS on 17, DAS allowed, no surrender, double on 9,10,11 only. I calculated the house advantage to be 0.63%. Entirely CSM based.
  4. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    Wow, not looking good so far with all those CSMSs! Thanks for getting the ball rolling guys.
  5. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member


    You said … "There are no pokies there"

    Would you be gentlmanly enough to define your terms ?
  6. Mikey_101

    Mikey_101 New Member

    No prob mate. Thanks for making a thread on current conditions... i’m currently looking for a place to try my newly acquired skills in Aus!
  7. mwmb

    mwmb Member

    in Australia, we call slot machine, poker machine or pokies. The term slot machine is rarely used in Australia.
  8. Mikey_101

    Mikey_101 New Member

    I made a mistake in my earlier post about Star City. The dealer STANDS on 17. I was reading up on Crown just before writing the post and got mixed up. My apologies.
  9. StudiodeKadent

    StudiodeKadent Well-Known Member

    QUEENSLAND CONDITIONS (The Reef, Jupiters, Jupiters Townsville, Treasury)

    Main Floor (< $50)
    S17, 6d, CSM, NHC-OBO, Split Once Only, D9/10/11, No Surrender, House Edge = 0.55%

    High Limit ($50 +)
    S17, 6d, Hand Shuffle, NHC-OBO, Split non-aces to 4 hands, D9/10/11, No RSA, No Surrender, House Edge = 0.51%
  10. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    Pity you have to play $50 a hand to get such conditions! Thank you though for your information. Is it easy to access the $50+ games, however?
  11. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    The vipers in Oz have set it up so that admittance to the better games is by
    membership card only, so that all they need do, to "back you off" is to revoke
    your card.

    The game is barely marginal. Only so if they are dealing 5 of 6 decks or better.
    And the heat down under is too hot to tolerate in any case.

    There are Asian games that are much better (severely understated),
    though that requires lengthy expensive air travel.

    Australia is a vast wasteland when it comes to our beloved Blackjack;
    which is ironic, as excluding Asians, you M8's are the world's most habitual gamblers.
  12. Katweezel

    Katweezel Well-Known Member

    World's dumbest gamblers

    ... and the world's stupidest. Here's why, Flash. Australia has the world's highest per capita rate for pokies (slots). We average around $30 week loss per person, counting men women and children in the stats. The yearly losses on slots is $8B... not bad for a population of only 21M. The social dislocation caused by these losses is tragic. State governments have joined the bonanza and continue to reap the windfall, as does the 'entertainment' and slots 'industry.' The 'easy money' must one day have a bill to pay. Karma.

    The bastards have the machines set on 14% HE. Aussie gamblers collectively are too stupid to understand (or even care) what this means. :eek:

    As for BJ, the average Dick here plays CSMs. Enough said. :joker:
  13. Koz1984

    Koz1984 Well-Known Member

    Furthermore Katz, the average dick here allows themselves to play BJ for $15 a hand on an 8 deck, H17, 6:5 game! The tables are packed out on weekends. They need competition.
  14. dacium

    dacium Well-Known Member

    I can't believe how quickly it went down hill. In 2009 I was still finding $5 min $500max tables that were 6 deck with 5.5 cut in and you could wong all you wanted without the table getting packed.

    Then for some reason it really got busy and you couldn't wong anymore because you could never get a seat. It didn't use to be so bad because most people would be playing basic strat so you could safely back bet them.

    But now it seems there has been a mass increase in players and the skill is appauling. Because of the demand the price went up to $10 and now most tables are $15. I don't believe there are any shoe games below $50 left in goldcoast.

    There is still $10 shoe games in the city in a side room on the lower floor. But only on fri/sat night. I found that the brisbane does 12hour shifts for dealers and they make ridiculous mistakes. I was making 3-4 units per hour just on mistakes in the early hours of sunday morning.
  15. johnyd

    johnyd New Member

    You can get a shoe game sat night on the gold coast, when its busy. Two $10-500 tables are going by 9, you prolly won't get a seat but spare box's are still open, makes it easy to wong in and out.

    Thanks for the Brisbane info
  16. AussiePlayer

    AussiePlayer Well-Known Member

    How's the heat?

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