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Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by BJ Warrior, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. BJ Warrior

    BJ Warrior Member

    I've heard that, although rules are basically unchanged, pen has deteriorated in the last couple of years. Would appreciate an update. BTW, I realize that pen varies among stores - a rough idea of the available range would be sufficient. Also, since some here may play these games regularly, the SCORE for the average 75% pen 4-deck game ES10 game (which sounds like the most common), would also be helpful.
  2. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    ES10, no hole card in Edm. ?
  3. Brock Windsor

    Brock Windsor Well-Known Member

    ES10 correct but Original Bet Only loses against dealer BJ. Not ENHC.
  4. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    how many in Edmonton offer ES10 n any 1 of them r trackable?
    dlr has no hole card ??
  5. MetaEdge

    MetaEdge Member

    I only saw the casino in West Edmonton Mall. They were all 6 deck, machine shuffle and dealt from a shoe. The limits were 10 to 500 I think. No 5 dollar tables except on weekends after 7. 1.5 pen. They didn't deal a hole card and didn't offer surrender against aces, so I guess that would be ES10. Is that better or worse then LS?

    If they end up with a natural they only take your original bet.

    Re-splitting aces were allowed. DAS, double any 2 cards. Not sure if there was a limit to any splits or not. The most splits I saw were up to three hands. I would guess a limit of 4 hands though.

    They had a high limits area but I never went in. Not sure what games they have in there.

    That's all I can remember. Probably could have typed that in a couple lines if I knew all the abbreviations for the rules xD
  6. Meistro

    Meistro Well-Known Member

    Palace in West Edmonton Mall was 10 to 400 when I was there a year ago. They also offered a high limit game of 25-1000 but you had to ask for it basically. .75-1 deck cut off out of 6 very consistent. Also, when I was there they had their shuffle procedure written on the table in tape lol. 2-6, 1-3, 4-5 etc.
  7. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    ES10 is better as u can surr to 10s which end up a natural.
  8. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    what is the shuffle procedure 2-6,1-3,4-5 ??
  9. BJ Warrior

    BJ Warrior Member

    West Edmonton Mall

    Hi Meistro,

    Thanks to all who replied in this thread, although it took only 10 months!

    Re Palace in WE Mall, there seems to be a discrepancy between you and the other poster who said pen is 1.5 decks. Are you sure about .75-1.00, or could the other poster be right, because he was there more recently and pen had deteriorated?

    Thanks for any feedback.


    BJ Warrior
  10. MetaEdge

    MetaEdge Member

    My deck estimation isn't the greatest. It might have been a little better. But I doubt it was any lower then 1 deck.
  11. tuppy

    tuppy New Member

    The typical pen in Edmonton is .75.
    In my experience newer dealers give out better pen. pen also varies depending on dealer
    Here is a basic summary on averages and ranges
    casino edmonton/yellowhead 1 deck cutoff 4 deck shoe (range 0.5-1.25)
    baccarat/palace 1.5 deck cutoff 6 deck shoe (range 1-2)
    century 2 deck cutoff 6 deck shoe ( range 1-2.25)
    river cree 1.5 deck cutoff 6 deck shoe (1-2)
  12. BJ Warrior

    BJ Warrior Member


    Hi Tuppy,

    Thanks for posting, but I'm still not clear on what this means. I was asking for the pen on that one 6-deck game only (Palace?) in the mall, which one poster described as 1.25 and another as .75. As far as typical Edmonton pen goes, you say that it's .75, but then you go on to cite a number of 6 deck games, which are mostly 1.5 pen min.. Which is the truth? Was the .75 figure for a 4-deck game? What is the typical pen for the 6-deck game, and what is the typical pen for the 4-deck game? I say this because, I'll travel a long way for great (.75 pen, 6 decks), but not for average (1.5) or horrible (2.0). Hope this makes my question clearer.


    BJ Warrior

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