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DD Blackjack rules at Beau Rivage Biloxi

Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by Baelog, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Baelog

    Baelog Member

    Planning on going to Beau Rivage in Biloxi in a few weeks. Would like to know more about their DD games.
    Do they deal face down?
    Do you see the dealers upcard?
    S17 or H17?
    Min bet?

    How exactly does a DD face down Blackjack game work?

    Thank You
    Baelog "The Lost Viking"
  2. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    “Do you see the dealers upcard?“

    I am going to go out on a short limb here and share my hunch:


    Baelog is not quite ready to play BJ — with other than play money.

  3. Baelog

    Baelog Member

  4. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    DD are $25 minimums.

    50% Pen’



    No Surrender

    No Resplit Aces

    Plenty of Heat

    Casinos share info’

  5. Baelog

    Baelog Member

    Thank ou Very Much:)
  6. Blue Efficacy

    Blue Efficacy Well-Known Member

    LOL @ heat on a half shoed DD game.

    I found beau rivage to be complete garbage when I was there, personally.
  7. daddybo

    daddybo Well-Known Member

    The DD pen tends to vary from day to day. Anywhere from 50% to about 70%. Lately they have gotten very sweaty. Mins run anywhere from $25 on the floor to $300 at times in the high limit room.
  8. Baelog

    Baelog Member

    Is there another place in the Biloxi area that gives a better DD game?
  9. Blue Efficacy

    Blue Efficacy Well-Known Member

    The Isle had a $15 DD game, S17 DAS when I was there.

    Poor penetration.
  10. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    Pen was closer to 65% when I went. Not great, though, because it was sweaty. PM me for info on other places to play.
  11. metronome

    metronome Well-Known Member

    i am disappointed to hear about the "Beau".
    I had read some time ago that they had good DD.
    $25.00 minimum, 50% pen. and H17 is not my idea of a good game.
    Wouldn't mind the green chip minimum but not w/ the other junk.
    Travel a little farther to Shreveport/Bossier City, LA.
    Decent to good DD and really good to decent 6D.
  12. Baelog

    Baelog Member

    Leaving for Biloxi next weekend.

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