Dealer Mistakes

I had an experience I wanted to share from tonight to see if I let an opportunity slip away.
Have you noticed how when a dealer makes a mistake, the pit boss tells you your options? I’m thinking there are better options for the player that is willing to challenge, In some instances, which I did not do tonight, and I’m second guessing myself.

I was playing two handed by myself and had a TC of +10 near the end of the shoe. I bet $400 each hand. The dealer got nervous and dealt both my hands without dealing either of his cards. I got BJ and H16. The pit boss told the dealer to take the next two cards for himself. His up card was a ten. I got paid on my BJ and I was given the option to play the 16 or pull my bet back. I pulled my bet back.

I’m thinking I should have insisted on being paid even money on the H16, since the dealer effed up the order of the cards. It could of been a H20 dealt to me.