Different indexes for I-18 ??? Which is more correct?

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  1. stopgambling

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    I read in b.j. attack 3 ,that in the I-18 that 9 vs 7 the index is tc3 ,but in the gamemasteronline it is tc 6 ,they both referred to dd game.TC 6 IS R.A.???Also 9 vs 2 is tc 1 in b.j.attack 3 ,but game masteronline is tc 2??? I think it is risk adverse index.and 15 vs 10 in b.j.a. 3 is tc4,yet gamemasteronline doesnt have an index which seems strange??!!! 12 vs 2 is tc4 in bja??but gamemaster is tc3??12 vs 4 is tc1 in bja,but gamemaster is 0????.....Can someone give me some thought on them?Thanks for sharing and helping .!!!p.s. 11 vs A is tc -2 and 10 vs A is tc 2 for h17 ,also different from gamemaster.:confused:
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    don & qfit i trust

    BJA also has risk averse? Go with BJA3
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    The difference is whether you

    are using the "True Count" or "True Edge" method. It's all bluring together, but I think in BJ Attack 3, the method that Snyder uses there is True Edge, which gives you our actual advantage in %, like if it computes to "2" you have a 2% advantage (probably minus the built-in house advantage). The true edge numbers are lower set of numbers you quoted. True Count is the Zen running count divided by the number of remaining decks, which feature the larger index numbers you have seen.

    If you spend much time on these boards, a certain "Zengrifter" will beat it into you that you should use the true count method, and not true edge. Presently I'm learning that system, and I guess the resolution is better when the numbers are bigger.
  4. stopgambling

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    gamemasteronline and blk jack attack all uses hi-lo for reference,i do think we are talking about 2 different count system.
  5. QFIT

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    Ignore the indexes in Gamemasteronline.
  6. KingHenry

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    i emailed the gamemaster a while ago with the same question, and he replied that his are risk adverse indexes, although it's surprising the difference in TC is so large for risk adverse at least on 9 vs 7
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    For newbies: Snyder's true edge for ZEN is based on TC per 1/4D and his Hilo TE is on a TC per 1/2D.

    Both of the above are inferior in terms of 'granularity' - I recommend TC per 1D or even per 2D.
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    Someone had me investigate this anomaly one time. I ended up generating the indices myself. I'm too lazy to search for the thread.

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