Does an 86 carry over to new ownership?

I posted this on reddit, but I guess no one really posts there. With some new casinos around and opening up soon I got re-curious.

I’ve been counting on my own for a while, never as my full time job, but have made a great side income. I learned it on my own and went out on my own and didn’t know that getting the hours was the hard part of the game, not the counting itself.

I have of course had several back offs and a couple reading of trespasses (86s). I still go to these places and go about my business whether it’s BJ related or not and have had very little issue. I don’t play rated and have even been backed off, after a few hours, at a place I’d been 86’d from years before and no employee, security or otherwise, made any indication they knew who I was. I even have one 86 for a non counting related issue, but that’s neither here nor there.

If you’re in LV long enough you see casinos change hands and turn over. Does an 86 from a property carry over to its new ownership? This example is not my example, but say you were 86’d from the palms years ago, but now it’s a stations casino. You’re an RFB player at stations. Are you still 86’d from the palms? If you were 86’d from the hard rock are you going to be 86’d from virgin when virgin is really a whole different operation just using the bones of the building? In contrast, the SLS was bought by someone else, but I think the day to day operations stayed the same and the name change was just rebranding. So I would guess someone 86’d from there would still be?
Anyone know the legal technicalities on this? Thanks.


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Are you asking legally or practically. Legally, if you are trespassed at one place and the same license/corporation is the onwer (but changes name/format of casino) that would still be a valid 86. Or if the new owner just bought the corporation/entity and did not set up a new organization. But if it's a new entity, it's technically a "new" person and an 86 by the old owner would not apply..

Practically, I have seen some of the same pit critters working at a new place after change in ownership. If they remember you as a practical matter, I doubt they are going to consider they work for a "new entity/corporate person" if they remember you. LOL