dominican republic


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this is from a post from 2008 on bj21

"Conditions were:

6 deck, S17, DAS, DOA, Early Surrender 3/6 with 5 cards burned off the top. Enprision rule for fractional dollar blackjack payouts or surrenders.

Limits were $5 to $100 US. 3 tables available but managed to full.

Some dealer errors, but each table gets a full time supervisor seated on a high chair at 3rd base.

Cards started to be spread prior to wash, but that was stopped supervisors. Running counts were not suspiciously biased however it was a very small sample.

They were happy to let players who were falling down drunk play, as well as a father who had left his children at the door looking in for an hour while he played slots."

Most other posts about DR said to enjoy the beaches, forget the BJ.
Friend went to the DR on vacation and saw a casino, so he decided to play, needed money so he went to the ATM. ATM was outside, the ATM and the ground next to the ATM was covered in blood. Needless to say he didn't use the ATM nor did he play....
Casino Linda / Hilton - Santo Domingo

was horrible.. they have their own versino os Spanish 21.. called Casino Loco.. which allows for double double downs... but they remove most of the 10s from the deck

Thought I was playing regular blackjack.. ha!
Machine shufflers are ok.. except the table players gasp for air


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what do you mean by "they remove most of the 10's"

They remove 3 per deck ?

Obviously if it is "most" it isn't all 4.
2 would be half. One would be … W.T.F. ?

Please clarify.
missing 10s

I probably saw 3 to 4 10's the whole shoe.. total .. now.. it's been a while.. but it marred my mind like nothing else the whole trip.. and that's saying a lot since my husband ended up in the hospital.

Melia was a little better but still .. bring a 100$ play the peso bj.. and have fun.. with the drinks