excel, data & standard deviation Canceler?

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    doubling bank

    so how about say once you double bank.......
    good time to think about re-sizing, maybe?
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    Double Trouble

    We know Kelly theory is constant resizing which is difficult for us mortals. However, we can get close. Let's say a Kelly bank is 500 bets. As long as one has at least 500 or more bets they can resize their bank with wins and losses. In BJ resizing at each chip level would be easy. Example, from $25 to $50 bet requires doubling bank where $50 to $75 requires a 50% bank increase.

    I dont see a difference in doubling a bank plus or minus $1. Once you decide to resize one suffers the good & bad moving forward. The more you resize down on losses the safer your bank but the longer the long run. The more you resize up on wins the faster the growth but an increased risk of drawdown.

    Paul Samuelson makes a strong argument to not resize.
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    hmm, guess maybe the above compliments the tactic of going less than Kelly sorta thing, but aka Samuelson, maybe stick with a fixed bet, at least if you don't have a big draw down sorta thing.
    hmmm, what we need here is a futures bet on some losing threshold, just not so much we don't lose to much if it doesn't come to pass, erhh is that what the banks were doing?. loss rebate, maybe?:confused::joker::whip:

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