Feel like I’ll never count fast enough!

Using an app on my phone I can count exactly 44 cards in 30 seconds. Honestly super slow and that’s my fastest time. How long is this going to take to get better? Been practicing week to be honest.

And that’s just keep track of the running count. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that, divide and constantly keep a true count, and adding up the value of my hand. So many numbers it hurts my brain.
The app is called 21 trainer. I’d like to see your guys scores if you download it! Thanks.


Getting better at this just takes practice. You gotta just put in the hours. First, count down a deck in a minute. Then push for 55 seconds...

One quick tip if you're having trouble holding the count in your head, if you're saying the number to yourself, don't say "minus 3, minus 2, minus 3..." Keep it shorter, Colin Jones uses M-2, M-3, I use D-2, D-3.
I am a retired mathematician, scientist, computer programmer, amateur astronomer and astro-physicist and an avid BJ investigator/player/programmer. I have spent more than 2000 hours writing and compiling more than 1/4 million lines of blackjack code in the past year and half. You might be interested in my BJ CMS Trainer software with card counting. Yeah. CMS card counting doesn't work! Right! Wrong. My CMS Trainer software with CC (user-selectable count strategy) delivers impressive insights. True Count CC with one deck played to depth is not the silver bullet. By the time you've seen enough cards to make a good decision, you are either broke or the dealer reshuffles the shoe. A prominent BJ website admin ... Mr. "C" refused to comment on my insights into the TC paradox and failure. I'm smart and I find blackjack very hard to win predictably and frequently. I'd rather be lucky than smart when I'm playing blackjack.
The problem with true count (TC) is that the running count (RC) is not considered in making betting decisions. Consider a 6-deck shoe, played to a depth of 75%. First, note that you will not see the last 1 1/2 decks (78 cards), so the TC formula "TC = RC/Decks Remaining" cannot proportionally represent the whole remaining deck. So, for our 6-deck shoe, beginning with the first hand (decks remaining 5), in order for the TC to reach +1, the RC must reach +5. After the first deck has been dealt, the remaining decks = 4. And, in order to reach a TC of +1, the RC must reach +4...and so on. If you consider a +3 as a good indicator for bet decisions, then while dealing from the first deck, the RC must reach 3 (TC) * 5 (decks remaining), or an incredibly unlikely +15 RC. My BJ Naked CC Trainer calculates and displays the RC and TC and the "Visual Shoe" with cards dealt replaced with the card's count value. My BJ Naked CC Trainer supports several popular card count methods. see pics of my BJ Naked CC Trainer in action, beginning with a new shoe, then shuffled shoe, and first and second hands completed. The last pic shows a RC of -9, but only a TC of -1. And, look for BJNaked.ddns.net soon. Thanks. delphigurusam



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delphigurusam said:
I guess not.
Thanks for your honesty. To the regulars here, this sentence tells us all we need to know about you: "I'd rather be lucky than smart when I'm playing blackjack."