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I noticed that you have posted articles to the above... does Fibonacci have bonafide math-apps, or is it just a novelty? Could it have any possible app to BJ? zg

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The Fibonacci sequence has a huge number of applications in a wide variety of areas of mathematics and physics. I encourage you to read the book "The Divine Proportion" by H.E. Huntley to get started. A simple google search will also give you insight on the many applications of this area of mathematics.

I have several research papers published in the Fibonacci Quarterly, and many other on the topic of Fibonacci numbers appearing in top mathematic's journals. I have also attended and spoken on my research at the international conference on Fibonacci Numbers, at the Western Number Theory Conference, at the First meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association, and in a variety of other venues. I continue to work in this area, and have another paper that is being prepared for publication.

As an expert on Fibonacci numbers and their applications, I will saythat there is absolutely no connection or application between Fibonaccinumbers and blackjack.