First time gambling in Vegas

Hey guys,

I've been on the forum a bunch of times and am very impressed with all the information available here. I will be heading to Vegas a few days before Christmas and just wanted peoples opinions on a few things. I am looking to play only blackjack (and hopefully make a few bucks)

1) I have got a pretty good grip on Basic Strategy (play approx. 90% of my hands correctly). Say I start at a $10 minimum bet table and play with $200, at what point (after winning losing how much) should I leave the table assuming I keep my bets at $10?

2) I know there are different betting strategies out there but I believe it is safe to say none of the really work. Is varying the size of you bets advisable or is it recommended that you keep playing with a standard wager?

3) If I sign up for a casino club card (or whatever they are called) and gamble for 4 days for a few hours at the wagers described above, can I expect to get something comped for my next trip to vegas?

4) As far a Vegas go, what are the best casinos on the strip to play blackjack (friendly dealers and decent rules). I will be staying at the that a good place?

Lot of questions but I would appreciate any feedback.



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1&2)Flat betting is your best betting strategy if you aren't using any method of card counting.As you are playing a game with negative expectations,any time you are ahead you are beating your expected value.For a BS player,there is no logical quit point.Play until you want to quit or am uncomfortable.
3)Playing at Excaliber,you might get a general marketing offer for a free night or two.You will get much better offers if you play a bit of slots,say 15 minutes twice during your stay.i'm not familiar with their BJ,its been several years.But its an MGM casino so it most likely has a mix of mediocre to good games.
4)A ten minute walk from you on the street between you and NYNY,going away from the strip is a small casino called Wild Wild West.It has three BJ tables.One is a very good double deck game,one is an average Vegas game,one is a terrible game.
Assuming you are talking about $5-10 bets,thats the best place in your immediate area. The Slots of Fun annex of Circus Circus has good games too.
Otherwise you need to bet $25 minimum to find decent games.


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Playing until you're comfortable is a good plan. Though, if you're looking to "beat the odds", think of it this way:

1) Play $10 hands, over the course of an hour, you'll go through ~100. That's, give or take some doubles, $1000 of action
2) At the end of the hour, you're EXPECTED to have lost $5. This is with a 0.5% disadvantage.
3) However, that $5, after $1000 of action, is +/- $110!
4) So, if at the end of the hour, you are UP more than $100, you've run lucky and are outside of the normal expectations. That might be a good time to call it quits.
5) The same goes the other way. If at the end of an hour, you're DOWN more that $100, either you're doing something wrong, or you're running fairly UNLUCKY, and might want to call it quits.
6) If you aren't playing perfect BS, the loss will be slightly magnified.

Given that you aren't counting, and are just playing for fun, I'd suggest bringing with a basic strategy card with you. Bring several, one for each rule set you might encounter. If you ever get stuck on a hand, pull it out and refer to it. It'll help you two ways:

1) It will lower the house edge due to mistakes
2) It will slow the game down a bit. Fewer hands per hour means less money lost per hour.

And to expand on #2, take your time. If you're playing for fun, sit back, relax, take your time and enjoy the game. The faster you play, the faster you'll lose. Slow it down and make the moment last.


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Go to a $5 table, but make a $20 bet when you sit down to get rated. Get comps, play basic strategy, get drunk for free, and have a good time.


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newtobj said:
so do casinos allow me to use the basic strategy cards on the table?
They all let you use them, but many won't let you keep it on the table, so just put it in your pocket and refer to it as needed.


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newtobj said:
so do casinos allow me to use the basic strategy cards on the table?
I've NEVER seen a casiono that will NOT allow you to use your BS card on the table in plain sight. This includes several casinos on the strp in Vegas, downtown Vegas, Indian Reservations, and cruise ships.

I'm not saying there aren't any that will NOT allow it, but I haven't seen one.

I only get to a casino 2- 3 trips a year, and I ALWAYS play with my BS card on the table right in front of me.

You can find $3 and $5 tables in Vegas, but usually at the older, smaller casinos. Sahara is a good example, but they are at the other end of the strip from where you are at the Excalibur.

TIP: Learn to read your BS card QUICKLY. I don't think anybody will not allow it, unless you are slowing the game down.

TIP: Sit a few seats away from 1st base (the first player) and you'll have a few extra seconds to look at your hand, the dealer's upcard and your BS card.
Doing this, I can look at my card before it's my turn to signal and haven't slowed anyone down a bit.

Mr. T

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Shadroch, why are you telling others to play Slots.
It gobbles up your money pretty quick.
At the average house advantage of 5% it means that if you put $1 into the machine you get 20 play and your $1 is gone.


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Because casinos LOVE slot players and invite them to come back.Throwing a few dollars into a slot machine on the day you sign up for a players card may be the best investment you'll ever make,if you want a lifetime of free rooms.There are some casinos in Vegas that will send out free room offers to any out of state member that has earned one slot point that cycle.
Would you be willing to play $100 worth of slots if you got three free nights a month for the next couple of years?
A 25 cent slot player is worth more than a $25 BJ player to the casinos,and are treated much better. The trick is giving them enough play to keep the offers coming without actually playing.