First Trip To Mississippi

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Hi Y'all,

Just got back from my first time in Mis. I was only there for a few days so didn't get to see all the casinos but there were not as many good games as I thought based on what I heard. I did find only one DAS DA2 S17 with over 50% pen depending on the dealer.

Are they not as prevelant as they used to be or were there never too many? There are a lot of double deck with standard 6 deck rules and H17 but the pen depends mainly on the dealer one would deal 75%, the other 50% again. I did make money by playing drunk black chip wonger though but I want to put in some more play time and was wondering if Vegas is still a better option unless I did not visit the right Casinos in Mis yet? Last I was in Vegas they had a few good DD with a 25 or 50 min but they were still good. On a funny note I did get cussed out by not one but two different old ladies for "getting out when it was good and messing up the flow." I have never heard so many F words out of a blue hair.

Thanks For The Responses
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