Found "No Ante" Oklahoma Casino!


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firelake grand is the worst place

I've ever been to..
Their dealers, pit bosses and management are far away from being friendly but nasty, uncivilized and morons..
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May be good relatively speaking

I play at both FGC and DS primarily because of the no antes. The rules are reasonable though FGC certainly has better rules than DS. I have had no trouble with the staff at either thus far. Whether they are knowledgable or organized is little concern of mine as long as they offer a fair game. I have noticed the pen at FGC seems to have deteriorated a bit. I hope such open comments about their game does not cause them to tighten things up. While these games are certainly not great games as compared to many in the rest of the country, they are the best opportunity I have found in OK thus far. And fortunately, I have generally been able to win at both.


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$2 table awfully slow

I have tried to play the $2 table. And while the table limits do allow you to spread enough to beat the game, it was so slow I could hardly stay engaged. The $2 tables are generally full which makes every round long and in addition to that, it seems like every other player asks for help on their decision on every other hand. Just not my cup of tea.

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Blue Efficacy said:
You're right. He is better off paying the ante.
If the ante is 50 cents per hand and your only playing 60 hands per hour the ante will cost you 30 dollars per hour. You need a pretty big bank and a large spread to overcome that.