Four Winds


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Richard Munchkin said:
Since we are discussing 4 Winds it should be mentioned that this is the casino that stole player's money. When the players sued to get it back the Kangaroo Tribal court ruled they were cheating.

The attorney (Bob Loeb) will be on the show Dec 8th to talk about this case.
Thanks for the heads-up. Bob's a great advocate for us, and a really nice guy too.
cgy606 said:
Any news on the game at Four Winds, Especially the new one that opened in Hartford a month or so ago? Is the casino busy and if so at what days and times? How does it compare to FK?
Terrible game there.
"Free Bet" blackjack, continuous shuffle machines, dealer hits soft 17 -- except in high limit room, no DD game to date. Table players are slow to see comps.
Usually, they are busy. They don't open enough tables.
Nice hotel. Good food.
Terrible gaming.