Foxwoods president dies.


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President and CEO Felix Rappaport died unexpectedly Monday in his suite at the casino. He was 65.

He also had a home in Las Vegas where he was very well known and spent most of his career.


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hitthat16 said:
6:5 just killed someone at age 65. Just goes to show putting that game in your casino is just asking for trouble.

That gave me a chuckle but Foxwoods has no 6:5 blackjack. Mohegan Sun is the culprit here.

The Sun is installing yet another 6:5 pit right now. This will bring the 6:5 total to around 40 tables. They're "giving it a try". Giving it a try? With 40 tables? Players have been avoiding 6:5 so far but the grooming continues. Weekends are seeing more play, especially this past weekend.

The Barrett-Jackson auto auction and show wound up yesterday and brought in several thousand people, many who tried their hand at blackjack while looking for the low minimums. This may skew the results but no doubt the house will be celebrating their 'smart move'.

Felix Rappaport seemed to be a pretty good guy based on his years in Connecticut and I don't think anyone is saying that because he died.