Full Index Numbers for Hi-Lo?

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  1. DMMx3

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    New to the forum, so I apologize if this information can be found in another thread here (though by searching I could not find it).

    Where can I find a complete list of Index Numbers for Hi-Lo? I would like to have a list that is ordered by significance. That is, the I18 would be the first 18, and each index number after that would be slightly less relevant than the previous.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. kewljason

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    I think Wong's professional blackjack has a complete Index chart for hi-lo, but not in the order of significants. Schlesinger's BJA3 has the Ill 18 in order of significants. I am guessing you would like to follow along those lines, but in reality if you look at the list in BJA3 by the time you get down to the last index, you are only gaining .004 of a percent (4/1000). If you choose to learn more that you already know that the gain is minimal, but I would advise learning indices that take place at high counts. (things like double A8 vs 4, stand 16 vs 8, and 15 vs 9, ect) While the gain is minimal, you have larger bets out at the time making them more valuable.
  3. DMMx3

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    Thanks -- right now my approach is to learn the ~75 or so that occur from -1 to +10, as that covers ~99% of my play. I figured I should learn them in order of importance... but if it's only 75, I could just learn them all. Probably cover the splitting indexes last, as they come up extremely infrequently.

    On the site (Dead link: http://www.GameMasterOnline.com), 50 indexes are used, though I am not sure how he determined which 50 to implement...

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