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Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by Wookets, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Wookets

    Wookets Well-Known Member

    If anyone could help me out it'd be greatly appreciated:

    1) Approximately how many tables do they have?
    2) How many tables are allocated for BJ, and how many are for carny games?
    3) Which carny games do they offer?
  2. Gamblor

    Gamblor Well-Known Member

    This is just a general recollection:

    1) They have at least a couple dozen blackjack tables, and at least about couple of dozen are running even on weekdays. They have a large # of tables relative to PA casinos, and even most AC casinos.
    2) I would say another at lease 3 dozen tables for other games.
    3) They have your typical common games found throughout NE (BJ, roulette, craps, 3CP, Let it ride). Some of the non-typical games they have is Bonus Texas Holdem, Casino War, mini/midi baccarat,Poker, Carribean Stud, Big 6 Wheel. I'm fairly sure they have Pai-Gow and Pai-Gow tiles, but don't quote me on that.

    Actually here's there list of games. Didn't recall seeing any Sic bo tables there :)

    (Dead link:
  3. geneticfreak

    geneticfreak Well-Known Member

    They are really big on PaiGow poker and tiles, along with Sic-bo and Mini Bac. They have a huge Asian crowd, and cater to them. There is no Spanish 21, and there are many more tables on the floor than dealers working. I've never seen much more than 1/3 of the tables open during the week.
  4. jerseyjon

    jerseyjon Member

    If you get there before noon during the week be prepared to wait for a seat at a $15 or $25 BJ table. They have maybe 6 or 8 non high roller open. They start to open more at noon but it takes 30 to 45 minutes to get going. I was there last saturday and it was the same and they didn't open up any mor tables until 2:30. They have a lot of tables but not enough dealers.
  5. sciontc

    sciontc New Member

    the sands seems really crowded all the time. does anyone know if mount airy is any better on the weekends and what their table minimums are usually
  6. BJinNJ

    BJinNJ Well-Known Member

    Mt. Airy is small...

    about 1/2 the size of the Sands in Bethlehem.

    Went there on vacation in late June. Weekday
    afternoon mins. were $10, but not enough tables
    and pen bad.


    BJinNJ :cool:
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  7. jaygruden

    jaygruden Well-Known Member

  8. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    To paraphrase the great mystical Yogi- Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded.
  9. Gamblor

    Gamblor Well-Known Member

    It does have that many tables, and they are always crowded, although they keep some some sections closed on a weekday.

    Closest casino to NYC (maybe Mt. Airy is closer?), busloads of gamblers from Chinatown. I think main reason why Sands would get more of the Chinatown crowd than Mt. Airy is because its easier to get to from downtown Manhattan, interstate 78 is easier to get to than 80.
  10. But I-80 is very easy to get to from Harlem, what do they get busloads of at Mt. Airy? :joker:
  11. Jacob

    Jacob Well-Known Member

    Nope. Mt Airy does not get much of Harlem and Newark guys. The Brothers have always preferred Trump Plaza instead of Mt. Airy. Lately Plaza offers cheap games (i.e., 5 buck 8deckers in the morning, 15 buck 6deckers during afternoon, 50 cent roulettes & 3 buck craps 24/7, etc... which have attracted lots of low rollers. It's like a Dr. King's Holliday---Plaza has been packed with Harlem-Newark guys recently ;) Oh, also Plaza has fed the needy-low-rollers with the 5 buck steak and egg specials 24/7! :)
  12. Gamblor

    Gamblor Well-Known Member

    If your someone from Harlem or Newark, you might be conditioned to prefer I78 over I80 due to the State Police :)

    :laugh: As Jacob mentioned, they all seem to be all at Plaza!
  13. It used to be Taj Mahal. I guess all the crime scared them away.

    Probably the ugliest scene in the city is the bus lobby at Showboat. I park in the outdoor lot down there and walk through the bus lobby to get to the casino. Looks and smells like the Third World. One day I expect to see people with goats and chickens waiting for the bus.
  14. Rutgersgrad

    Rutgersgrad Member

    So I've only been to PA Sands once (about a year ago). Yesterday, I received a Venetian offer for 3 comp'd nights, and $150 in Match Play based on my Bethlehem pay. I will definitely be taking them up on that. Thought it was interesting.

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