Good and bad news at Foxwoods

Discussion in 'Eastern USA' started by halbruno, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    was there at foxwoods on a weekday... few CSM that i saw were pretty packed 10/15 min. however with 10/15 min hand shuffled all over the place, I wasn't sure why anyone in their right mind would play csm.

    For the first time i checked out their HL pit. NMSE 6 decks... not full, but quite a few were playing

    mgm did not change their felt, still with same weird wording as before... lost a hand with A6 then dealer pulled a 3....
  2. bosox164

    bosox164 Member

    Please tell me you are kidding

    Really? FW is going into the crapper. My wife is a slot player and she says their machines have gotten so tight it's unbelievable. I like a little VP once in a while but instead of seeing 9/6 on a JoB machine its like 7/5 or worse. We also usually stay overnight but comps for rooms have been dwindling too. Years ago I could get $49 (or better) on a Friday or Saturday but now FW sends me mail with $89 on a Tuesday for their best deal. F FW's. Between H17 and now CSMs I will stick to Turning Stone or somewhere like Mount Airy or Pocono if I want to drive 3 plus hours.:mad:
  3. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    There's no need to head for the hills. If you read this entire thread you will see that there are only 6 CSMs in the entire Foxwoods /MGM complex. The rest of the games are 6 deck S17 starting at $50 and 8 deck H17 starting at $5. With good penetration and surrender offered these games are quite playable.
  4. pit15

    pit15 Well-Known Member

    What difference does it make? Your wife's gonna lose all her money anyway, does it really matter if it takes 20 minutes or it takes an hour?
  5. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    ASMs are on the way

    Foxwoods has begun adapting blackjack tables for ASMs. The pits involved are pit 3 in the Rainmaker Casino and pit 23 in the Pequot Casino. They expect them to be installed by this weekend. It's not clear at this time how many tables are involved.
  6. ASM's? That might be helpful.
  7. johndoe

    johndoe Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. Cutting down on shuffle-time will speed up the game significantly. Exploiting FW shuffles is a rare occasion anyhow, in my experience.
  8. bosox164

    bosox164 Member

    I hear you but she has her money and I have mine. She's free to play however she wants even if it is a sucker play on the slots. She gets her comps, hits a jackpot once in a blue moon, and is happy so I just leave it at that. Marital bliss.
  9. pit15

    pit15 Well-Known Member

    Seems like a good opportunity to get her to stop playing if they tightened up the slot machines.

    In fact a lot of slot players have played less because they never win anymore (even though those wins are just an illusion)
  10. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    ASMs Have Arrived

    With the scheduled changing of the cards this morning, came the introduction of the new ASMs. I observed the entire process and everything went smoothly. Obviously the hands per hour immediately increased. The only griping I heard was that the cards are not seen before being placed in the machine.

    The machines are on 8 blackjack tables and 4 Spanish 21 tables in pit 3 as well as 12 of the 15 blackjack tables in pit 23.
  11. Nash51

    Nash51 Member

    Last night I palyed at Foxwoods with the new card shuffling machines. What a mistake.

    After each hand the dealer was putting the cards back in the machine instead of putting them in the discard holder.

    I complained but was told it doesnt matter. I assumed the discarded cards get shuffled into the cards. Which makes the play unfair. Is that the way it works or am I wrong?

  12. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    You played with csm, continuous shuffle machine, which its different than asm automatic shuffle machine.....
  13. Nash51

    Nash51 Member

    So... I am right?
  14. HsiaoDi

    HsiaoDi Well-Known Member

    Fair is not a word that casino really understands....
    But the short answer is very difficult to beat if not impossible....
  15. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    Obviously you are not counting, so it shouldn't matter how the cards are delivered. What does matter is the increase in hands per hour. The house edge will grind you down faster with these machines. Hand shuffled tables are still plentiful in each casino at Foxwoods, so you should have no trouble finding them.

    If you absolutely must play at a table outfitted with a shuffling machine, make sure it's a full table to keep the hands per hour as low as possible.
  16. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    CSMs are gone

    Over the weekend Foxwoods removed the 6 CSMs from pit 2 and replaced 4 of them with ASMs. The pit now has 4 ASMs and 6 hand shuffled games.

    The story from the pit is that they were jamming, but I've never heard anything to support that. I'd like to think that the boycott worked,but both reasons are probably off the mark.

    The good news is there are now no CSMs on blackjack tables at Foxwoods or MGM Grand.
  17. aslan

    aslan Well-Known Member

    A move in the right direction. They are few and far between. :(
  18. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    Can you believe Foxwoods is celebrating it's 25th anniversary? Was anyone besides me there on Feb 15th, 1992? Lots of memories. Free slot machines before the license was awarded. They didn't take money. All blackjack tables were S17. The over and under 13 side bet. Back line betting. Just the Rainmaker Casino.

    The bingo hall opened in 1986 but doesn't count as a casino.
  19. johndoe

    johndoe Well-Known Member

    I wasn't there that long ago, but I remember fondly all of the S17 tables, and the backline betting was a lot of fun with other AP's especially. (And provided a few tenths of a percent extra EV, since backline splits were optional!)

    Still, they have decent pen and are reasonably tolerant outside of the HL rooms.
  20. paymypush

    paymypush Well-Known Member

    Yes, I know people who spread 1-20 or more. Never a problem and they seek out ASMs.

    Foxwoods had a $2 blackjack pit that was S17 with no ante. It didn't open until 11 or 12 but the bus ladies would reserve their seats as soon as they arrived. All it took was a sweater or jacket on the chair. Tables back then had 7 spots.

    How about the $1 Super 7 side bet? Three suited paid 5K. If you think third base gets heat for taking the dealer's break card, it's nothing compared to taking someone's 7. Over the years I have gotten three suited 7s on three separate occasions. I never once played. That's a lot of money saved!

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