Grand Victoria


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No difference in the games with the new management. Pen may be a tiny bit worse, but still around 1.5 decks, with a few dealers going a half deck better or worse. Nothing special, but playable for the area, especially with the $5 mins.


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Lowrider said:

Pen is 1.5 off 6 or 8 decks?
Both. There are 6 and 8 deckers on the floor. Also Spanish, Switch, and a bad pitch game: D9 H17 50% pen, $25 min.

If you can't find room on the main floor, at night you can check the "tiki pit" all the way upstairs. It's an outside deck.
worth mentioning that what used to be a decent pitch game $25 / min 2 decks with all the "good" rules (double any, resplit, DAS) is now gone - can now only double 10, 11, no resplit, etc. This used to be one of the better games in the area IMHO.

Also, $5 6 deck tables now allow resplit aces multiple times, split to more than 4 hands....