Gun Lake and Firekeepers revenue sharing

Discussion in 'Midwest USA' started by 21gunsalute, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. 21gunsalute

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    Gun Lake and Firekeepers are making money hand over fist! So is the state of Michigan and local governments.

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  2. Fk

    Has hired the local Township police to do their law enforcement at the casino.

    They also, as the article has shown, give large sums of money to the Township besides paying the police at the casino. This has already lead to abuse of patrons rights when they are off Casino land. This situation is exactly how graft and corruption begins.

    I would hope that any AP that has been abused by these Township police doing the bidding of the casino on State Land to fight this unlawful usurption of your U.S. Constitutional Right's.

    I do know for a fact that these Township cops feel they can chase you down, off the Res. just to get your ID if the casino feels you are a card counter or AP. Until someone has the Ballz to fight this when it happens to them nothing will be done to end it.

  3. 21gunsalute

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    Sounds like the township police could very well find themselves in a number of conflicts of interest.

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