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Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by richard57, May 10, 2005.

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    A few weeks ago I posted asking if anyone had played Digital Blackjack, and said I was going to check out Harrahs in Cherokee Nc and give it a try. So here is the report, first let me say a few things about the casino, they have reserved alot of valet and high end player parking near the casino so if you are a cheap ass like me, and won't pay $8.00 for valet parking, its a shuttle ride from general parking. Now the shuttle was regular and driver was informative once I told him this was my first visit. Next, once entering everyone was super nice from door man all the way thru. Just for signing up for a players club card I got a free t-shrit. Which is more that I can say for a couple of the Riverboats I have been to. I walked around the place and checked the place out. Found a few things worth talking about, one were a few, 10/6 (yes 10/6) VP machines. Put in $20.00 and in about 15 minutes was up $20.00, cashed out and moved on. Alot of slots had a lock and roll feature, which I guess for a slot player is a plus. However I did notice max bet on alot of the quarter slots were 40 coins. I gave a try on the slots, lost the $20.00 I had won on V/P and went to a different machine. Here I had several small hits, then one for $60.00 so I chased out and sure enough ran out of coins, which was ok, gave me an idea on attendents, which were ok, but not great response wise, but were friendly.
    Now moving over to the Digital Black Jack, Set up is just like normal, with dealer, pit boss, and all that, chips are normal, as are the ash trays, cig ashes and cup holders. Tables were mostly $10.00, with one $25.00. Buy in's were like anywhere else I have been. The tables had little screens infront of each player that displayed the dealers cards in upper left corner, your cards in the center of the screen, and the player to your right's cards were displayed in the lower right corner. Hits stands, and all that were the same. The dealer pushed a button and delt the first two cards players face up, dealers one up one down. As a player chose to hit she hit the button again and another card came up if you chose to stand, she hit another button and a little green light came on the next players screen till they were done, and so on and so on.
    The game itself was a little cumbersome to start, but after a few hands it went well. Shuffles were done just like at a regular game, a tap of the screen meant a cut. As far as the game, I could really see no difference that with a live deck game, it had its share of cold spells and runs, actually had several blackjacks, but no cards to split in an hours play. They only allowed Doubling on 10s and 11s, and offered insurance and all that jazz. After an hour of play I was ahead $50.00 so I chased out and walked away. Not a bad experience at all. Only thing I thought funny was someone ask about splitting 3s against a 6, and someone said the book says to split them, the dealer said the book has not been written yet for digital. Don't know what that meant.
    Could have better ventilation, I was there early, and was smokey then. Servers were nice and prompt, and looked pretty good. Did not eat or check out gift shops. The place is really more of a slot players casino, and they have tons of machines. If you are a hard core table person you won't care for it. No craps, poker, etc and all table games are digital. If you are a slot person who smokes you will be in heaven.
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    Was this digital shuffle after every hand, or were there multiple hands between shuffles?
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    Multiple hands

    In an hour there were three shuffles, and there had just been one when I sat down. I should also have said, this is a much slower moving game than some I have played, I should have ask, but I am guessing at least 6 if not 8 digital decks.

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