Harrah's mistake

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Misprint will cost Harrah's millions

JOLIET, Ill., Nov. 20 (UPI) -- A small typo on coupons promoting an Illinois casino will cost Harrah's millions of dollars.

The Illinois Gaming Board has ordered the company to honor the 11,000 coupons for $525 for Harrah's Joliet, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The coupons were supposed to be for $5, but a mistake by the printer increased their value more than one hundred-fold...

I received one of those coupons

I am one of the 11,000 that received that coupon. I also received a phone message from them that the coupon was sent in error and they would not be able to accept it. I guess I can bring it in now.
what does that mean?

Has the SD game there gone south? I played every day for a week back in June and had a blast although I ended up doing poorly. But RO6 was the rule, RO7 on a couple of dealers, with decent rules. Hate to see that disappear. Next thing will be DD at the plaza going south too?


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Good thing Don Schlesinger didn't get one

He just loves to give people hell about misspellings, doesn't he? =)


P.S.- Just a joke, y'all. No disrespect.


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No and maybe

> Has the SD game there gone south?

It had gone completely down the drain, but luckily has resurfaced somewhat. When Harrah's first took over they filled the place with a bunch of shoe games with bad rules. They were also the first (someone correct me if I'm wrong) to bring the 6:5 blackjack plague downtown. They turned a Las Vegas icon into a sh#%hole overnight:

(Dead link: http://www.cardcounter.com/main.pl?read=8018)

Luckily, the games have improved considerably since Harrah's was relieved of their management. You can still find some 6:5 games here and there, but they offer enough good games that they have redeemed themselves in most player's minds. Can you believe that Harrah's even shut down their famous grill?! Those bastards! Luckily that has returned as well.

Now they've got Caesars, the IP, and a few other places as well (as well as other casinos all over the country). I'll say it again - Hell in a handbasket!

> Next thing will be DD at the plaza going south too?

Quite possibly. Barrack is selling the place and who knows what will happen to their great blackjack games.

(Dead link: http://www.lvbusinesspress.com/articles/2005/11/15/news/news05.txt)


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In fact...

When something like this happens, it certainly adds credibility to the syntactic battles Don fights. Typos can be very costly.

There are some jokes worth posting here (typographical errors that render sentences with one meaning to have the opposite meaning with great humorous effect). Just think up some dirty ones on your own, they're pretty obvious.



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illinois gaming board

I thin the gaming board has told Harrah's they must honor the coupons.

Seems Illinois has something that Nevada needs, a gaming board.

How many times...

... I have attempted to type the word "count" and left out the 'o'. That's not a word I like to use in mixed company.

Then again, maybe it's the right word.
You need to go north

Reno/Sparks is the place for you, man. It's all SD, and difficult to find a 6:5 game. You can get away with quite a bit at green action if you are reasonably careful. A lot of it is D9 but I'll take it.

One difference between the Downtown and Reno SD scenes is that Downtown they will usually shuffle you up to get rid of you. In Reno they seem more likely to tap you out of the game before they do that. But they are universally polite about it, in my experience. The only time they weren't was at the Helldorado when I challenged one of their Mindplay DD games, just to see what would happen.
I received another phone message

I received another phone message from Harrah's. "Please disregard our previous call. Your loyalty is important to us, therefore we have decided to honor your coupon..."