Has anybody been to Cache Creek?


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WRX said:
Yes. Not recently. Wasn't too impressed. Let us know what you find.
I'll give a report. The main reason I am going there is that I'm a red chipper. They have more tables open so I can Wong in and out. Are you from CA?


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Well I won $45.

Anyways I was at a $5 table. 6D, DD any two cards, re-split to four hands, etc. Pen was about one deck. Wonged in and out. Did some bet spreading of 1 - 4 units. No heat. One dealer was so slow that I nearly told him to SPEED UP!!

Noticed the SD games and there were pretty bad rules. BJ 6:5, etc.

BTW the food there was pretty good. And they have a Peet's Coffee. The place was huge BTW. It is about 20 minutes off the 505 freeway.
When we were there last Saturday, they did have a 3:2 (it said 3;2 on the felt) Single Deck in the High Limit Room ($50.00 minimum). We sat down because we just assumed it was double deck and didn't see the sign on the table (the table was full, it was hard to see it and we saw two open seats together so we just went for it).

NDAS, you can't resplit anything (I split 2s against dealer's 7, got another 2 and couldn't resplit it) full table, so only two rounds dealt out of the deck, but I did walk away with my first white chip ever :eek: And did I mention full table :whip:

It's not our favorite, but it's the closest one to us, so we go fairly regularly.


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Well I won 17 units today in three hrs. Spread 1 - 4 units. Got some BJs when I raised my bet. Wonged out a lot. BTW there was at one point a TC 10!! It was at the end of the deck too. I didn't dramatically increase my bet since I didn't want to draw attention and I inadvertantly put out a four unit bet :flame:. Anyways I'm glad I didn't have a larger bet out since the dealer won that hand. Besides, at the rate I was winning things were going fine. BTW the conditions were 6D, DD any two, 3:2 BJ, RS to four hands, DD after split.

Also the DD and SD conditions were bad so I didn't touch them. 6:5 BJ, DD on 10/11 (?) only.


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Was there yesterday for 8 hours. Won $40. :laugh:

BTW they have craps there. But it's the kind where you roll the dice then the PC turns over some cards that represents the throw of the dice.
We tried to go Saturday night. Got there about 9:00 p.m., but because of the John Fogerty concert (according to security) there was hardly any parking left. :whip:

We said forget it and went to Colusa.


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Went there yesterday. Won 44 units!

Conditions were 6D, RSA, DD any two and the pen was very good. I haven't noticed any heat but then again I'm a RCer. One other thing is most of the dealers there seem to be slow. I almost lost the count a few times due to that.
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