Has anyone here played at River Rock north of San Francisco?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by BJLFS, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. snorky

    snorky Well-Known Member

    Any updates?

    Is River Rock 6D or 8D shoes? Also what is the penetration. CBJN has it at 2 decks which seems a tad unplayable.

    Also is the pen for DD still horrible?

  2. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    8D shoes. Good rules.
    The DD I'm not sure of. Too expensive for me.
  3. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Was up there yesterday. Won $65 in 10 hrs. Woohoo!!

    Anyways the pen on the deck has changed and is now 6D on an 8D shoe. More than it was before. I asked the dealer if she could go to seven decks but she mentioned that they want 1 1/2 to 2 decks now.

    :laugh: One dealer made a comment to me when I took insurance. He said something like "I guess the deck's favorable." He knows I am counting.
  4. Diver

    Diver Well-Known Member

    Who me, a counter?

    I'd wager the dealer labeled you as an AP after you asked to increase the penetration. :rolleyes:
  5. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Actually I told the guy I was counting one time. :laugh: He had asked me why I didn't take insurance. So I said the count wsan't high enough. He just laughed.
  6. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Played yesterday for 9 hrs. Made $115. Woo hoo.

    Roller coaster ride. BTW the 8D shoe now have only a 6 deck pen. I think it's the new rule there.
  7. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Played there for 6 hrs. today and made 27 units. Had some amazingly high counts but nothing came through on those. Then positive variance came in and won back all the money +27 units.
  8. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Went up today and did very well. But the PB I think is onto me. He was eyeing me and seemed angry. Even the dealer noticed it; he got a laugh off it BTW. Anyways I'm probably lying low from the place for a while. Probably going to Cache Creek instead.

    Before I forget, I made 37+ units today in 4 hrs..
  9. duanedibley

    duanedibley Well-Known Member

    He must be some kind of master sleuth. You didn't even post a picture of yourself after all the times you mentioned exactly when you played and how much you made.
  10. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    I think it's because when I was on his shift I was winning $.
  11. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Going up on Monday - tomorrow.
  12. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Had some negative variance. Lost 16 units.
  13. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Why don't you just go to twin pines? supposedly a much better game there
  14. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    I've heard of the place but don't know where it is.
  15. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Had some NV. Lost 45 units. More later.
  16. arrando

    arrando Well-Known Member

    Thats what the internets for. I think its around 35 miles away from river rock, but much better than crappy 8 deck shoes with 2 decks cut off. I'd never play that. But its just north of healdsburg in middletown.
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  17. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Well I'd rather go to Cache Creek. Would probably take less time.

    Check your PM.

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