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Discussion in 'General' started by shadroch, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. shadroch

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    I found this at a charity game in Central NJ last week.
    Six decks, mediocre pen, dealer stands on all 17s, DAS, DOA, resplit Aces to a total of 3 hands, late surrender, BJ pays even money......

    but...... heres is the kicker.
    BJ pays even money but you also get promo chips equal to your bet. If you are betting $10, you get $10 plus $10 in promo chips. Promo chips can't be cashed in and have only one use- Any hand you want, you can pull back your original bet and replace it with these and surrender.
    I hope I'm explaining this right, as it took awhile for me to understand it.
    Say you get a $10 BJ. You get $10 in regular chips plus $10 in these special chips. A few hands later you get hard 16 vs dealer 10. You can surrender at a cost of $5 or replace your $10 with $10 in promo chips and surrender.
    As I understand it, its pretty much getting a free surrender hand with every BJ.
    Valuewise, isn't this the same as the BJ paying 3-2 in the first place?
    This place also had another rule I never saw- You can not buy more than $500 in chips per night, nor can you cash out more than $500. You are maxxed out at cashing in $500 in chips, no matter what you bought in at.
    Buy-in for $100, you can win $400. Buy in for $300, you can only win $200.
    buy in for $500 and all you can do is lose or break even.
  2. AussiePlayer

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    I guess that ultimately depends on how you use the promo chip. Also, does the promo chip have to be matched with normal chips like a matchplay?

    As for the buy in/cash out, I guess it's just a charity thing.
  3. tthree

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    I am not sure why you want to beat a charity unless it's a cause you think is wrong. That aside the promo chip buys you a surrender that is worth more or equal to the value of the chip. That is why you are surrendering to begin with. Sounds like you understand the buy-in I guess. If you believe in the charity buy in for $500 or more and have fun as they intend while giving a donation. If you think the charity is wrong as many might on divisive issues like abortion buy in for a hundred and try to kill some of their funding.
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