Hi. Where should I start? Texas hold'em.

Discussion in 'General' started by ringlejames, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Ahh yes scale is everything isnt it.
  2. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    so far between friends, and 14 games using basics never more than a third the pot unless I have one of the top 2 card hands... +$12. And that is with 5-10 and people going all in.

    Before the commitment to learn I would have lost probably everyone of them. Im can now consistently beat 3 of my 5 poker buddies. :grin: I would say thanks for the help, but I just did everything I said I woud do. I did not even worry about trying to catch peoples bluff. If I did I am quite sure I could tackle the friend with the twitch. I told him I would not be holding it against him. And that I was learning the game from scratch. and that I was leaving out all the reading people for the time being but I was going to end up taking down his smugg ass and mr. cant beat me at nothing but blackjacks ass
  3. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Im not saying I have not lost big money playing blackjack. I have. My most recent loss was for 10k. I had access to a large bankroll, lost most of it to craps and roulette, went to the blackjack tables, picked my entry times, got back all then some, then lost 10k from the bankroll I started with. I am familiar with negative and positive variance. I had to play high risk to get it all back and I continued to play high risk when I lost the 10k. Luckily, I stopped myself before it got worse, and the old lady stopped me from going back. Even though she wasn't supposed to know I was playing so much.
  4. AussiePlayer

    AussiePlayer Well-Known Member

    Isn't this the difference between an AP and a gambler who knows how to count cards, but doesn't do it properly?
  5. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    That trip I more than quadrupled my starting bank of 70k playing craps. Not that hard to do. The trick is leaving the craps table when your ahead. haha. And I did. I then went to roulette. Got up a lot more but eventually lost a lot and brought my BR down to around 35k. I then decided to play risky. Still counting just doing it my way. Sacrificing my great 1-4% ror by increasing my spread from 1-4 on double deck to 1-12 AT MY COMPS CASINO. In exchange for my sacrifice I more than doubled my bankroll to more than 70k. I then lost my profit plus 10k for the trip loss 10k.

    I was still counting still amateurishly shuffle tracking, just increasing my ror, and heat mind you, to work my way back up to what I thought would be an acceptable loss. Well I surpassed my original BR AT FIRST, but because of my high ROR even the slightest bout of negative variance caused a total trip loss of 10k.

    I knew exactly what I was doing. I may get drunk and medicate with Indica every once in a while and post things that sound like rants and jumbled incoherent comments and I admit advice. That in no way takes from the fact that I do know what I am talking about, that I do know how to play the game and by you saying that I was not doing properly is unfounded. And to make things clear when I said make risky plays or whatever I posted exactly should in no way indicate that I was not counting right. I increased my ror by severely increasing my spread. But not only did it increase my ror it also increased my standard deviation and overall possible profit.

    Thank you, with Respect
  6. tthree

    tthree Banned

    There is more to card counting than counting cards. You need to look into the money management aspects of the game. They are even more important than the card counting aspects. Without the money management you can be the best counter in the world but you will go broke in the long run. Your post sounds like a BR bust waiting to happen. It has nothing to do with the counting aspects. Although I have read your posts on doubling stiffs that really didn't seem to make much sense. Not trying to get on your case just give you a heads up before you find out the hard way. Maybe someone could recommend some good reference sources on this all too little taught and all important part of being an AP. Hopefully you will avoid the BR bust with whatever you decide to do. I am only trying to help not be critical. We all have room to improve.

    Even ME.:eek::laugh:

    Good luck. This site allows others to help us avoid some pitfalls if we are willing to heed good advice. Unfortunately all too many times the advice is timely only to be followed by an I wish I had listened but now have learned the hard way post within a week or two.
  7. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Advice appreciated. I knew playing like that was a bad decision, however it was a decision I was willing to live with. And it is not every day I have a bankroll that big. Extra money from a contract job I was willing to lose. Hence the roulette play. I could have played for days at the roulette table with such a big bankroll if I played an inside numbers system, but I was wanting that big big win. I got it, but foolishly flushed it down the toilet. lol

    And Yes I know bankroll managment is everything. My current bank as of 18 hours ago jumped from $9150 to $9745 from me bringing 5 banks of $500 one of which I lost but eventually won back at another casino.

    I am a very curious person I know that... but that does not mean that I am clueless. :)

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Three
  8. AussiePlayer

    AussiePlayer Well-Known Member

    Ringle, I was not trying to have a go at the way you play. I certainly wouldn't accept such a high risk of ruin, but if you chose to, I wish you the best of luck.

    What I'd like you to take into account however, is how many of your posts could be read by young, inexperienced, impressionable counters looking for any and all advice on playing the game. If you play with a huge risk of ruin and lose, that is actually your expectation, it is not variance, particularly when you're also playing games like craps and roulette which are negative EV in the first place.
  9. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    No problem man. I do need to think who reads this from time to time... People who look for that quick money and don't want to read up on everything that is available. :confused:

    They just want that plus 1 minus 1 13-16 hit dealer 2-6 stand dealer 7-Ace.

    Thanks man I have been trying to control that the past few days. Which I think is very apparent. Cheers mate
  10. blackriver

    blackriver Well-Known Member

    lol, great thread

    Couldn't have said out better myself. Go back to vegas, you will makes lots of money. Also, let me know when and where you'll be playing poker
  11. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    haha. I'm not completely mental bub.

    The craps and roulette thing was more of a relive the past kinda of trip.

    It was fun but the interaction with the other players is not something I quite like.

    You will have to wait about another year and a half before I make it to Vegas, for poker anyways. :rolleyes: But again I was raised on cards even if I we rarely played hold'em. We aint a push overs.

    So when I am in Vegas and I remember our little exchange I will be sure to look you up for a mere $2500 game. Chump change from my poker days, I just hope Hold'em pans out the same way.

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