Hi all,

I am back in Georgia for a while leaving Vegas being sick of the
cocktail waitresses and all the sweeties and the rest of the manipulations I had to go through. It is becoming time that I get my interview in the vegas tribine. Zen would fully agree with that..lol

Really it is somewhat tough to live in Vegas being 6.4 feet. Camouflage betting makes almost no sense. I tried all the tricks but the result is that only Spike Casino allows me to play. It is no fun sitting between retarded people all night long. The Stork is spending the holiday in the deep south where inspiration is a source of creativity. My book is going to be a laughter.

Well the Stork is a life and almost send back to Holland by immigration. Sitting in a bus while border control was entering the bus. Are you an american citizen sir? Yes I am(not) Even more than that. I am the new forest gump of this country where the word freedom has to be re-invented, stocked as many people are by the definition of what freedom is. Move around, make your bet and keep fishing in that ocean of mathematical possibilities. See you soon back in Vegas.

My special love to Zen and Barfarkel.

The Stork.


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How about an interview here?

I would say that the interviews with Zen and Bear have been the most enjoyable reads on this site.
I would be happy to fullfill those needs...lol

To anyone who wants to take the interview,you could contact me through Zen or me in person. I would call Zen my personal manager....lol