Hollywood Bay St. Louis---No Game!

Tried to play here one day--- I will admit that it was before lunch time. They only had 2 games open, a 6 deck shoe (which had all 7 spots taken) and a 6:5 single deck with 1 player playing. Both were $5 min tables. I asked a bit boss if we could open another table. He said no, he did not have the staff. This irritated me because there were 3 tables open (1 3 card poker, I don't remember the other 2) that had no one playing at them. The dealers were just standing there bored. So I asked again, this time asking to open a $25 min table. Again, the polite answer was no. He suggested I try the 6:5 single deck game, there was plenty of room there. I politley told him there is a reason there was so much room at that table, and I was not intrested in that game. I asked to see a supervisor. One came fairly quickly. He also said no to a quarter table. I tried one more time and asked for a $50 min table. He said no amount could open another table. I don't get it..... are these guys in business to make money or follow a schedule? I left and took my business down the road and found a decent game at another casino. Needless to say, I won't try Bay St. Louis again anytime soon.

The casino itself was nice and newly remodeled, and the people were nice, just no luck in finding a bj game.