How are the games in Lake Charles


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How are the Blackjack games in Lake Charles? Thinking about making a trip. Which casinos are the best to play at and where is the best buffet so I can at least enjoy some good food if I lose!


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I played a decent DD game there at the IOC two weeks ago. It was $15 min. and dealer placed the cut card at about 60%. However most games are H17. (Single deck pays 6/5 on BJ's) Coushatta in Kinder has DD with S17 but pen is hardly ever better than 50%. You will find better food at Coushatta, too. L'Auberge is worth visiting once. I don't like the pit arrangement and I never win there. Too bad Harrah's never returned after the hurricane. I sure miss the old place. The riverboats were dingy, but the hotel was great. I have many fond memories from the tables there. Those were the days. I hope your Lake Charles experience bids you well.
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