How do you know when your barred and not just backed off?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferretnparrot, May 12, 2011.

  1. Ferretnparrot

    Ferretnparrot Well-Known Member

    How do you know when your barred and not just backed off? When I was in vegas, They read me some statement form a que card he had in his pocket, but they didnt even know my name, and i never signed anything, and it was totally undocumented.

    What actually happens when you are barred?
  2. BJLFS

    BJLFS Well-Known Member

    Don't they usually read a trespassing law when you are barred? On the other hand if they don't have your ID then go back in 6 months.
  3. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    That. You were barred. Feel free to go back almost immediately, to another shift, dressed differently. zg
  4. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    "Backed-Off" is when you are told that " … you can play any games you wish except for blackjack."

    "86'd" is when you are told to leave the premises, usually with a security guard escort.

    "Trespassed" is when you are read the section of the local law that defines trespassing
    in front of several witnesses (security guards and or staff), and told that you will be subject to
    arrest upon returning to said property. Often you are told that the trespass is enforceable at all
    properties owned by the parent company.
  5. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    That's what that card was - the Trespass act. And yes; they often do TELL you that you're also barred from all of their other properties, but that's a pretty big stretch of the imagination. I seriously doubt that they can enforce THAT.
  6. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    I recall a court case where the judge agreed it's not the player's responsibility to know the corporate ownership of a particular casino.
  7. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    That is a fair ruling I'd say!
  8. kewljason

    kewljason Well-Known Member

    Here in Nevada the wilkinson case pretty much makes the act of tresspassing someone meaningless, as the patron must be given the opportunity to leave, each time, despite previous warnings. I realize that case in nearly 40 years old, but there has been no other ruling that overturns it that I am aware of. Of course the problem is that if you are arrested for tresspass, you would have to lay out legal fees to pursue and fight it, making the whole thing very negative EV. :sad: I presume that is what you are referring to sucker? :confused:
  9. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    Here's what I was trying to say: Suppose Harrah's in Reno were to read you the trespass act, and then they were to tell you that you're 86'd from ALL Harrah's properties. THEN suppose you go into Harrah's Tahoe and they actually DO arrest you for trespassing, using your Reno backoff as an excuse. My GUESS is that you would probably have a pretty good cause of action for false arrest. (I'm not a lawyer; I could be wrong about this)

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