I made a simple, lightweight and free blackjack sim for aspiring counters

Hey APs,

Check out the simple, light weight sim application I developed over the past few months. You can use it to put in your specific betting strategy, house rules etc. It assumes Hi-Lo count. It's meant to be simplified, so it's not as capable as Casino Verite Suite by QFit but gives you the bare-bones information you'll definitely want, and it's FREE on Github. I made this for people who have a small bankroll and can't afford to shell out $100 on the QFit software, and my application is cross platform. To download it, click this link https://github.com/jacobbrooks/SimpleSim-Hi-Lo , go to the "target" folder and click on "SimpleSim Hi-Lo.jar" Then click download. You need at least Java 8 to run.

P.S. keep in mind it’s literally simulating billions of rounds of BJ so it uses a lot of computational power, the more cores your machine has, the faster it will run, but don’t be alarmed if u find your computer running slow and being laggy if you are trying to use it while simming. Usually takes around 30 mins for a normal sim on my macbook, much faster on my PC with 8 cores.